With heavy hearts, we announce the passing. She tragically passed away today after struggling with her mental health in recent months

Truth TV has been around for a long time, and one show is known for being one of the longest-running reality shows ever. It is also thought to have started the genre.

Sarah Becker died in June 2024 after having been having problems with her mental health for a while. She had been on the fifth season of MTV’s The Real World, which took place in Miami, Florida.

How did Sarah Becker look?
In 1970, Sarah Becker was born.

When she graduated from Indiana University, she got a job as an editor, mostly for comic books.

She used to be the editorial producer for skaterboardermag.com as well.

Sarah, who was 25 years old at the time, worked at Wildstorm Comics in La Jolla, California, while she was on the show.

She said she was “19 years old trapped in a 25-year-old body,” and MTV called her a tomboy.

Sarah liked to dress up as TV characters and skateboard, and her MTV biography says she also collected Swatch watches and “empty Blistex tubes.”

This is what people remember most about her time on the show:

Episode 7: Starting a side business delivering restaurant supplies to people on the beach
getting into a fight with Flora, her roommate, in episode 11
in episode 13 they bring home a puppy named Leroy.
Going on a plane to Staniel Cay in the Bahamas with Cynthia, Dan, Joe, and Mike, her roommates, in episode 19.
Melissa is confronted, and she later leaves the house in episode 20.

At the beginning of last week, Sarah Becker had died at her home in Illinois, according to TMZ and other news outlets.

In 2023, Sarah moved from California to the Midwest, where she had lived before.

To help take care of her sick sister and mother, she moved closer to her family’s house.

Bobby Becker, her dad, died earlier this year, on February 10, 2024.

In the end, Sarah had planned to move back to California, but an accident on skateboarding set her back even more, and she has been having a hard time with her mental health lately.

Someone in Sarah’s family confirmed the sad news, saying that she had killed herself.

That woman was only 52 years old.

During her death, Sarah will be remembered as a “selfless person” who put the needs of others ahead of her own.

On social media sites like Facebook, family and friends have started to post tributes to Sarah.

Hannah Becker was like pure sunshine… She was full of life and energy, and you couldn’t help but feel warm just being around her. I’m thankful for the fun times we’ve had together, Daniel Norton wrote.

“Hugs to the whole Wildstorm family!” he stated.

“I just found out that one on the nicest people that have ever been put in my life, especially during my impressionable ages in my life has passed away,” Benjamin said.

“Every time I thought about her, her smile and happy personality came to mind.” Your friends and family loved and will miss you. In memory of Sarah Becker, RIP, he said.

Sarah Becker was on The Real World when?
In the fifth season of The Real World: Miami, Sarah Becker was on the show.

It was the first season of The Real World to be filmed in the South Atlantic States of the US. It took place in Miami, Florida.

Additionally, it was the first season to be filmed in the US somewhere other than New York and California.

The first episode aired on July 10, 1996, and the last one aired on December 4, 1996.

On The Real World: Miami, a group of people lived in a house in Miami Beach at 445 E. Rivo Alto Dr.

Just north of the Venetian Causeway on Rivo Alto Island was the four-bedroom, three-bathroom house.

The seven people who were on the show were:

Californian Sarah Becker, 25, is from San Diego.
Overland Park, Kansas’s Dan Renzi, 21,
Miami, Florida’s Melissa Padrón, 22 years old
Joe Patane, 25, New York City resident of Brooklyn
Cynthia Roberts, 22, from Oakland, California
24 year-old Flora Alekseyeun from Boston, Massachusetts
24 years old Mike Lambert from Jacksonville, Florida
There was a “task” for each housemate to complete during the first season of The Real World: Miami.

The group was told to start their own business and given $50,000 to cover start-up costs.

Even though Sarah had a lot of great ideas, the group failed to start a business before their time at the house was up.

After Sarah’s appearance on the show, The Chicago Tribune talked to her in 1997.

“For me, The Real World was a six-month long vacation, I knew from the get-go that it couldn’t be a stepping stone to bigger and better things.”

“I want my own magazine someday, and I don’t think Sarah from The Real World is going to have anything to do with that,” she told me then.

It was also said that she had trouble with her first wave of fame.

“Maybe I liked being unknown,” she said.

Now when I go somewhere, people know who I am and say, “Hey, Real World girl!” I sometimes wear a hood when I go outside because of this.

The Real World started airing when?
On May 21, 1992, MTV showed the first episode of The Real World.

The first season of the show took place in New York City.

The next seasons took place in different big cities, like Boston, Denver, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Some seasons took place in places like England, Mexico, Australia, and the Virgin Islands.

Every season had a simple premise: a small group of young adults chosen from thousands of applicants across the country would move in together.

According to The Real World, each participant would be from a different race, gender, sexual orientation, political and religious belief, and even level of sexual experience.

People often think of reality TV as lowbrow, but The Real World was praised for being one of the first non-fiction shows that both appealed to and taught a young audience about modern issues as follows:

Things Sexual and Sexy
Ailment of Abortion
Abuse of drugs
Politics on AIDS Death
Health and Mental
On May 21, 1992, the show began, and it ended on August 29, 2019.

The show used to have 30-minute episodes, but starting in 2008, they switched to hour-long episodes.

In its long history, The Real World has had 33 seasons and 614 episodes.

People say it was based on the PBS documentary series An American Family, which followed the life of a family in California in the 1970s.

Several cast members of the show also went on to have successful careers in the entertainment business, such as

“The Real World: Los Angeles” star Tami Roman
“The Real World: San Francisco” star Pedro Zamora
“The Real World: London” star Jacinda Barrett
The Real World: San Diego’s Jamie Chung
Karamo Brown (Real World: Philadelphia)
Trishelle Cannatella (Las Vegas on The Real World)
There were also two successful shows that came after The Real World. These are called Road Rules and The Challenge.

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