Unusual truths about Taurus, the most stubborn sign.

The most stubborn sign of the horoscope is the sign of Taurus, and this is very clear for people who are in this sign, but also for those who had or have to deal with it.

Taurus are very family-oriented people, they consider it a priority in their lives and have a hard time trusting people who are not related to them.

You can tell immediately if a Taurus is angry, hurt or on the contrary, happy and cheerful, they don’t need to tell you this with words. You can easily recognize a Taurus’ feelings by looking at his face.

Taurus are people who never lie when it comes to sincere and strong feelings. If you are lucky enough to have a Taurus declare his love for you, then you really have to take his word for it because he doesn’t say that to just anyone, even if what he feels isn’t intense enough.

A Taurus partner never lets you down, he is always there for you and supports you unconditionally.

Taurus are hard workers, usually, but there are times when all a Taurus wants to do is sit back and relax.

Take great care never to step on a Taurus’ tail. If you don’t have relatives or friends Taurus probably don’t know how angry they can be even with people close to them. Take our advice and keep quiet rather than have a dispute with a Taurus, you will thank us at the time.

Taurus are outwardly beautiful people, but they also have an intelligent, extremely attractive mind. They remember absolutely everything, nothing escapes them. Taurus are generally quiet people, preferring to stay in areas where there is not too much noise. The only noise the Taurus will accept is the sound of quality music.

If you want to win back a Taurus partner, don’t try the tactic of making them jealous. You’ll achieve the exact opposite, you’ll only convince him that there’s no point in having feelings for you.

Taurus are extremely stubborn people. You can never convince them that you are right and they are wrong. There’s no point in arguing either, especially in situations where they’re holding their own until they’re blue in the face.

Bulls live in their own world and they don’t mind that. Many people fail to decipher this all too complex Taurus universe.

Taurus are the kind of partners who please the person they love. They don’t spend a lot of money to make their partner happy, but they do pay attention to significant details, to small gestures that they know they can win over.

For the person they are in love with, a Taurus might even make the sacrifice of being a good listener, but even then, they won’t give them justice.

Bulls never hold in what they feel, especially when they’re nervous. They don’t make a habit of gossiping, so they’ll tell you straight out how they feel about you. It would be good not to get a Taurus off their guard, they need a lot of time to cool down.

5 things you should never say to a Taurus:

  1. “Hurry up, come on faster!”

You’ll never get a Taurus native to hurry up. He is a calm, patient and slow-witted person, so he doesn’t make any gestures unless he’s pressured by the situation.

  1. Don’t try to persuade him to give up money.

Taurus is extremely materialistic. In everything he does the goal is to obtain financial resources. Taurus are the people who are always making a fortune, always saving, always striving to make a profit, and you will not be able to change this in any way.

  1. “Change!”

You will never be able to convince a Taurus to change. He is very convinced that everything he does is right and suits him. If he is comfortable with the way his life is going, he will not change in any way, and you will not be able to convince him even if you offer strong arguments.

  1. Don’t accuse him of cheating or lying.

Taurus is a fair and faithful person. If he enters into a relationship he will be fair to the end and expects the same behaviour from the other person.

He acts with maximum fairness and honesty in any relationship in his life, regardless of its nature. If you accuse him of cheating or lying you will hurt him terribly and he will feel humiliated.

  1. Don’t use words that make him jealous.

The native of this sign is one of the most jealous people. His possessiveness knows no bounds and when he is in a relationship he wants his partner to devote himself completely to him. Sometimes he is jealous even when it comes to the friendships in his life.

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