This photo shocked the entire world.

It must be a man who is out of time, right?

Investigators on Facebook have found an odd-looking man in a black-and-white 1940s shot using what appears to be far more modern equipment than was appropriate for the time.

According to the Sun, the mystery begins in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 1943, when the strange individual is observed around American soldiers who have been sent during World War II.

But this individual is not dressed in army fatigues. He sticks out instead because he is sporting a light-colored trench coat and is placing his hand close to his ear like a current cellphone user.

It didn’t take long for people on social media to weigh in and declare that the man must be a time traveler.

The image was first shared by user Kristjan Hoffmann on the Icelandic Facebook page Gamlar ljósmyndir in 2016 with the caption: “One thing that draws attention to this beautiful picture is that above the window, in the corner of the picture, a man is leaning and is on a cellphone,” according to the outlet.

I’m at a loss for words; I don’t believe he’s just talking on the phone… He is acting how we would act today, standing by himself, with a different headpiece than the others, and in a state of stupor, Hoffmann continued.

Karolina Petursdottir, another user, allegedly even invoked a resemblance to “Dr. Who,” according to the Mirror.

Beyond the specialized antique photo group, the image was used in a conspiracy theory YouTube movie titled “10 REAL Cases of Time Travel That Cannot Be Explained.”

Surprisingly, none of the individuals concerned raised the possibility that the man was working as a spy for the Axis powers.

Instead, people in the Facebook group with more sensible ideologies stated that he had simply been checking to see if his watch was functioning.

Others said that he was merely smoking a pipe and had left the scene to scratch his ear.

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