Her husband left her after she became crippled

A woman’s 14-year husband left her after she became crippled, but thankfully she healed and found new love.

Doctors said that Riona Kelly could never walk again after having a stroke, but with the support of her gorgeous personal trainer boyfriend, she has made an incredible comeback.

She had a vertebral stroke in March 2015, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down, and was sent to the hospital. From Halifax, Yorkshire, 200 miles north of London, the 37-year-old man is originally from.

Kelly claims that five days into her hospital stay, her hubby called off their marriage.

The couple was also supporting their four children, ages 16, 11, 9, and 5: Leighanra, Caleb, Izabela, and Logan.

Kelly remembered, “My friend Sarah took over as my next of kin after my husband left me in the hospital, and she and the kids aided me through my recuperation.

Even though we had built a life together and had responsibilities, I was unhappy in my marriage, as I can now see.

My hubby was exactly who I needed at that moment.

After six weeks, Kelly’s doctors warned her that she would never fully heal because she was still unable to move her legs.

Kelly claimed that the doctors told her that she would never be able to walk again at this point.

They claimed that my recent car accident, which happened 18 months ago, may have led to the problems with my spine.

Living in a wheelchair was difficult for the mother to adjust to, especially since her hubby was not at her side.

She reported that the first time she used a wheelchair, she felt like everyone was staring at her.

If given the chance, I would have took my own life since I didn’t want to continue living.

After hours of physical therapy, Kelly somehow managed to take her first steps on the parallel bar.

She claimed that even though I was dragging and had no feeling in my legs, I didn’t care because as long as I was moving ahead, that was all that mattered.

My consultant was overtaken with emotion and unable to understand how I had done it using a standing frame.

Every day I steadily gained strength, and after four months in the hospital, I was finally allowed to go home.

I took a total of 50 minutes to accomplish it for my kids, spending 25 minutes mounting 16 steps and another 25 minutes down them.

While recuperating, Kelly met personal trainer Keith Mason, 35.

After going through their physiotherapy sessions with one another, the two fell in love with one another right away.

Kelly said that following her stroke, “I had to deal with paralysis in addition to losing my companion of 14 years.”

Keith and I kept in touch after our session. He would ask how I was doing, and our connection developed from there.

We’ve been dating for 11 months, and the kids adore him. I feel like I’m finally living the life I deserve.

Since then, Kelly has completed two marathons in a wheelchair and is now capable of walking alone.

Since my home has not been changed, I try not to use my wheelchair except on lengthy outings.

In hindsight, experiencing what I did was the best thing that has ever occurred to me.

I’ve resumed exercising, and with Keith’s help, I’m improving and becoming stronger than before.

Riona’s ex-husband Richard responded, “I didn’t tell Riona I wanted a divorce while she was in the hospital; I told Riona the morning before her stroke.

I visited her in the hospital as frequently as I could in the nights because I had to look after the kids, keep the house, and run a business.

I decided to leave the house in June of last year after living there until then, and Riona and I have since broken up.

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