He searched the garbage and sold pens on the street with his daughter in his arms until someone took a picture of him

This is a story about how a Syrian refugee who barely managed to survive in Beirut, Lebanon, managed to completely change his life after a man took a picture of him while working hard on the streets.

The father, Abdul, originally from Syria, was trying to persuade people to buy his pens on the streets of Beirut while carrying his daughter in his arms. Although it was very hot outside, he did not want to give up because that would have meant that his daughter would have nothing to eat.

But someone took a picture of him, someone who caught his decision to survive, then posted the image on the internet, it went viral and someone helped him.

Gissur Simonarson is a website developer from Norway, he saw the image on the internet just like everyone else and started a fundraiser on behalf of Abdul and his family. So people could donate $ 200,000.

The money went to Abdul, who proved to be a thoughtful and intelligent man. He did not spend them all, but started three businesses. In addition, to help the 1.2 million refugees living in Lebanon, Abdul decided to employ 16 Syrian refugees. In addition, he has since helped financially both his family members and friends.

Now Abdul’s life is completely changed, and his little girl is happy. With the help of people and thanks to his intelligence, he went from searching for garbage and selling pens on the street, to being a respected businessman.

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