83-year-old cardiologist: Don’t kill your heart with chemotherapy, if blood pressure is over 140-80, drink 2 tablespoons of

Prof. Dr. Gabriel Tatu is a physician and university professor. He is known for the therapy of people without pills. At the same time, everyone who comes to him recovers. The professor’s patients include famous people as well as patients from other EU countries.

Prof Dr Gabriel Tatu rarely gives interviews, trying to devote more time to treating patients. However, our channel’s correspondent is lucky – the well-known doctor has agreed to answer a few questions for those patients who are unable to register at the clinic.


How to do the healing cleanse, the doctor told below. Also covered in the material are topics such as:

Living to 120 without pills is real!
Why are chronic incurable diseases closely related to dirty vessels?
Hidden and obvious signs of dirty vessels
Dirt in your vessels is your formidable killer!

Prof. Dr. Gabriel Tatu:

  • I’ll present some data that I hope will make you think!

The most common cause of death on the planet is heart and vascular diseases. The main reason for their occurrence in old age is CHOLESTEROL. It turns out that cholesterol is the most dangerous substance on the planet. This substance kills people more often than alcohol, nicotine, drugs taken together.

In 94% of cases, if the person does not live to the age of 80, they have been killed by cholesterol.

Cholesterol destroys health. If it didn’t build up in the vessels, then people could live to 120 without problems.

What does cholesterol look like and what does it represent? I will not describe this substance as it is written in medical textbooks. I’ll put it in simple words. Imagine cold grease left on a pan that has not been washed after dinner. That’s roughly what cholesterol looks like.

This substance, being in the blood, settles on the walls of blood vessels. First a small plaque (within 20-25 years), then the cholesterol layer grows rapidly (25-40 years) as more particles adhere to the sticky layer. AS A RESULT, BY THE AGE OF 40, CHOLESTEROL NARROWS THE LUMEN IN THE VESSELS ALMOST TWICE. In response to this, the heart has nothing but to increase pressure. A person has pressure jumps and age-related hypertension with all the consequences. But even that is not more dangerous!

Much more dangerous is the fact that cholesterol completely clogs the tiny vessels that penetrate all tissues. As a result of damage to the blood supply pathological processes develop in the internal organs. On the background of this, chronic diseases appear in the person.

First, the stomach will get sick, then the spleen, and after a while liver and pancreatic stenosis will appear. Usually in such cases, it is said that the person begins to lose health. Cholesterol is what most often triggers this process.

On the condition of the vessels in the body literally, everything depends. If the vessels clog on the legs, it leads to varicose veins, permanent edema, and eternal heaviness in the legs. If in the liver, liver disease and cirrhosis occur, if in the joints, hence arthritis and arthrosis or spinal pain. If the vessels have become clogged in the eyes, then the person will gradually go blind

It is not possible to avoid fouling of the vessels! It accumulates in the vessels of each person. Dirt in the vessels causes rapid aging.

CHOLESTEROL TRIGGERS A CHAIN REACTION OF AGING IN THE BODY. And the fouling of the vessels shortens a person’s life less than nature intended for it.

Instead of 120 years (this resource is put into our organs), people often don’t live to 70! Especially those in their 40s and 50s have age-related hypertension. It, by the way, is one of the most obvious symptoms of blood vessel fouling.

Not cholesterol itself – these substances also contaminate blood vessels!

Prof. Dr. Gabriel Tatu:

Cholesterol is part of the problem, there are two other substances that accumulate in the vessels!

Thrombotic mass

If cholesterol looks like fat, then the thrombotic mass (blood clots) looks like cheese. Thrombus growths form on the inner walls of blood vessels. The risk of blood clots is even higher in cholesterol. AT ANY TIME, THE THROMBUS CAN BREAK AWAY FROM THE VESSEL WALL AND ENTER EITHER THE HEART, LEADING TO A HEART ATTACK, OR THE BRAIN, CAUSING A STROKE. Both diseases are fatal, with a very high probability of death and disability.

The older a person gets, the greater the risk of the clot rupturing. This is why older people so often fall from a stroke or heart attack.

Calcium crystals

These are salts of heavy metals, mercury, various chemicals accumulated over a lifetime. If a person, for example, has worked in hazardous production, then they have more such deposits. Although given the current ecology, calcium builds up in everyone. These substances, as already proven, are CANCEROUS. That is, they contribute to abnormal cell division, which leads to oncology.

In almost 98% of cancer deaths, high levels of crystalline deposits are found in the blood. We all know that mercury is harmful. And with a high pool of calcium crystals, the blood itself becomes harmful.

I can tell you right away, if you have never cleaned your dishes and you are over 50 years old, then your dishes are dirty. If you clean them, then ALMOST IMMEDIATELY YOU WILL FEEL BETTER.

Symptoms of dirty dishes:

Morning oedema
Muscles in front of the eyes
Joint pain
Insomnia at night and sleepiness during the day
Feeling of constant tiredness
Impaired vision
Memory impairment
Varicose veins
Frequent problems with the digestive tract
Problems with excess weight
Do you claim that cleansing the vessels can prolong the life of the elderly and stabilize pressure?

Prof. Dr. Gabriel Tatu:

  • I know that. In the clinic, we now prescribe vessel cleansing to all patients over 50 (some over 40). And after cleaning, we look at what to do next. IN ABOUT 9 OUT OF 10 PEOPLE, THE PRESSURE NORMALIZES IMMEDIATELY AFTER CLEANING AND DOES NOT REQUIRE TREATMENT.

In other words, many who now actively drink pills daily to stabilize pressure may not. All they have to do is clean the vessels. Even if the hypertension doesn’t go away completely (that happens, too), wellness will often become better!

Unfortunately, this simple way of normalizing pressure is actively hidden by commercial doctors and pharmaceutical companies, for whom it is beneficial for the person to be treated long and expensive. After all, the sicker a person is, the more they will spend on medication. That’s what suits them. And cleansing blood vessels is simple, cheap and gets a person back on their feet quickly.

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