Why You Shouldn’t Drink Water Immediately After Meals

Water has several health advantages, however, it shouldn’t be consumed right after meals. It may impede digestion while elevating insulin levels.

The timing and quantity of water consumption before, with, and after meals have been hotly contested topics. Many people have the practice of drinking numerous glasses of water with each meal, perhaps in an effort to wash the food down and help the digestive process. However, dietitians all over the world vehemently reject the notion. According to numerous studies, the procedure seriously impairs digestion by diluting vital gastric secretions and elevating insulin levels.

Three things are at stake in this situation: drinking water before meals, drinking water during meals, and drinking water after meals.According to renowned nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood, digestion typically takes two hours.

The meal travels through your esophagus, stomach, and colon before being expelled from your body. Our stomach system has a particular fluid-solid ratio. Drinking water before to meals not only affects the fluid component of what you eat by diluting it, but it also hastens the digestive process because the food now enters the large intestine much earlier than it should. So it’s not a good idea to drink water right before a meal.She also strongly disagrees with the notion of drinking water with meals because it both speeds up digestion and interferes with the body’s normal absorption of nutrients thereafter. She added that certain persons who drink water with meals have a propensity for having an enlarged colon.

When it comes to the negative effects of drinking water immediately following a meal, Dr. Sood states, “By drinking water immediately following meals, you are again interfering with the normal period of time that it takes for food to break down. Additionally, this causes you to feel hungry earlier than expected, which leads to overeating and bloating. She advises leaving 30 minutes before and after meals. “Your system moves on to the next stage of digestion in these 30 minutes.”According to studies, it is important to keep a gap after meals as this aids in the absorption of vital nutrients. Water tends to dilute gastric juice when consumed immediately after a meal. Even though our stomachs are good at absorbing water, drinking too much water after meals dilutes the enzymes that are crucial for proper digestion. Less digestive enzyme release occurs in response, which can cause acidity and heartburn.

A lot of food goes into the system uneaten due to the hampered digestion process. This undigested food contains glucose, which your body turns to fat and stores. This process results in an increase in insulin, which raises the body’s blood sugar levels and can induce diabetes and obesity.As a result, while it’s crucial to stay hydrated and drink at least two liters of water every day, you also need to make sure you know when to drink the magic liquid.

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