To the envious person, you should NEVER tell your joy

-Father, where does envy come from? What about the envious man?
-From the devil, where else?! What did I tell you before? All those who go to church, all those who go to confession, all those who get up at night to pray, do good things.

But the most important thing is to be careful and not to condemn. Why do I keep saying not to condemn? Because you will notice, your brothers and sisters, that the passion of the envious is especially in people who are envious…

-But can we approach the envious? Can we make them right?

-We can approach them, but with care, for all those who have envy in their hearts are very dangerous people.

Remember from me: never tell an envious man your joy! Tell him only your disgust, only the anger you have. That if you tell him your disgust, he will be reassured.

-So we appease them, seeing us sad?

-So, so… -I mean, don’t rely on them, just tell them our sorrows… Exactly. Remember this: never mourn over an envious man, for it won’t help you.

For the envious man cannot help you, for an unclean spirit dwells in him, not the Spirit of God.

He who has the Spirit of God has love, has mercy, forgives, is loving and merciful. The envious man has none of these things.

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