Three men with guns were waiting for me in front of the door. They robbed me and wanted to kidnap me, but I remembered what my mother told me

The 20-year-old was kidnapped by three men – before it degenerated into something much worse, she remembered her mother’s words

Lately, more and more crimes are happening and it seems hard to believe that things will improve. Many bad people, criminals, most of them being mentally insane walk freely on the streets, waiting for the right moment to break the laws. The police do everything possible to prevent such situations and to stop them but it’s vital to be informed if, God forbid, we are in the wrong place at the wrong time. This girl is very grateful to her mother for the advice she received from her when she was a little girl. Her precious words stuck in her mind and, like a light bulb, lit up when she was in a dangerous situation. Make sure you read and watch the video as well.

This 20-year-old girl named Jordan Dismore was heading to her apartment at a late hour shortly after midnight. She entered the apartment block and without notice, she was caught by three individuals at the door of the apartment, holding a gun to her head. The three criminals stole all her valuables and money, then forced her into her car while she was threatened with a gun. Jordan got behind the wheel of the car and they told her to drive to the bank and withdraw all the money she had in her account from the ATM.

Not only that, but they also mentioned that they were going to abuse her afterward. Until the bank, however, they had to make a stop. Gas station. Then she immediately remembered the advice of her mother, who in turn was sexually abused in her youth. Never let anyone get you out of crowded places. The girl said to herself that she must be strong, just like her mother did, and look for a public place to run away and escape from the gang.

After they arrived there, Jordan took off her seat belt and immediately ran from the wheel of the car, after which she started screaming for help and fortunately someone was around. She managed to get herself free from that terrible situation and immediately called her mother.

Her mother remembers that the 1 AM call she received that night made her spine shiver, like any other parent would react. As soon as she answered the call, the girl began to exclaim, “I’m ok, I’m ok, I’m ok!”, her mother says.

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