This woman sleeps with her python every night, then something bad happened!

People love pets. From the beginning of time, the man had pets with him. The connection between a human and a pet is a special one. A human takes care of his animal, feeds it, takes care of it, and the animal offers him, unconditional love. Anyone who owns a pet can confirm that there is a strong bond between owner and animal.

Most people prefer dogs or cats as pets, but some people choose other types of animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, parrots, etc.
Although it is not uncommon to have other pets besides squirrels, some people have taken this passion to an extreme point and choose to keep wild animals in their own homes, which they consider pets.
In these situations, there is a high risk that the owner will be injured or even killed by the animal he raised as a baby. We must keep in mind that a wild animal, no matter how well we take care of and love it, in the end, remains a wild animal, and its instincts cannot be ignored.

A young woman chose to buy a python as a pet. The snake was massive but gentle, and the woman slept in bed with him every night.

One day the python refused to eat, so the woman began to worry. After another few days in which the snake refused food, the owner went with the animal to the vet to find out what the problem is and why the snake no longer eats.

The veterinarian began to ask the woman all kinds of questions about the daily life of the snake, which is the interaction between the woman and her python.
The woman told him that the python was calm, never bothered him and that he slept in bed with her every night.

After finding out all the information, the vet gave the woman shocking news: “Ma’am, your python is not sick, this snake is getting ready to eat you.”
The woman was amazed to hear this news and could not believe it, so she asked for more explanations.

The vet explained that the python had refused to eat lately because it was making room in his stomach for a much larger food: his own mistress.
It seems that pythons in the wild often do this. He starves to empty his stomach and then hunts for much larger food.

The woman now has a choice, whether to give up her pet or at least not sleep with him and isolate him in another room, so that her life is not endangered.
This is not the first case of this kind, last year a python escaped from a pet store and killed two boys aged 6 and 8. The snake had not eaten for a long time before escaping.
What pets do you prefer? Do you think a python is a suitable pet?

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