This is the story of Isaiah, a three-month-old baby who suffered much more in his first three months of life, more than some suffer in their lifetime!

This is the story of Isaiah, a three-month-old baby who suffered much more in his first three months of life, more than some suffer in their lifetime!

It all started when Isaiah had skin irritation, it was red and always appeared when the child was exposed to perfume or any other stronger smell. His irritation grew, and his skin broke in the area and began to bleed.

Doctors said he had very severe eczema, so they prescribed a steroid ointment. At first, the irritation had begun to show positive signs, it was shrinking, but after a while, the little boy’s whole body was red and covered with eczema. The child needed something much stronger than an ointment.

Isaiah’s hair began to fall out and the child was no longer very conscious. His mother, Stephenie, said: “The doctors said it was just eczema. One told me that I was poisoning my baby with breast milk and that I had to stop immediately! ” 5 months later all his skin was covered…

After high doses of steroids, he recovered, but after two days the irritation reappeared and the child screamed incessantly. The only time he calmed down was when he was in the water, so his mother spent hours next to him after she had put him in the sink, letting the water run over his body. Imagine how awful it must be for a mother not to be able to hug her baby because his skin bleeds at every touch.

The mother avoided any normal activity, bandaged her child from head to toe, and always looked for a solution on the internet, the doctors were outdated. So she found a post about the dangers of “stopping steroid treatment” and decided to make her own ointments that will be as gentle as possible on the child’s skin.

In this way, she discovered that a combination of lemon and zinc worked best for her baby’s skin, and he got rid of the skin inflammation completely with time! After 10 months of withdrawal from steroid treatment, Isaiah was a normal 1-year-old!

Stephenie, his mother, wants the story to be distributed as much as possible in order to reach mothers who have children with the same problem, here is what she said: “I lost the first year of his life. I couldn’t even touch him normally. Now we hug him all the time, he loves it! ”

RESPECT for this mother who overcame doctors and their helplessness and did the IMPOSSIBLE to save her child!

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