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Last week, Louis Forte, a resident of Gilmer, found something unusual in his chickens’ nest. An unusually huge egg was laid by one of the hens.

It weighed four ounces, was three inches long, and just over two inches in diameter.

“I was simply in awe! What can I say after taking a peek at this egg? According to a verse in the Bible, anything is possible. Since this is the case, anything is indeed possible. states Forte.

As you can see in the comparison chart below, there is a significant difference when compared to a medium-sized egg, which weighs approximately 1.7 ounces on average.

According to Forte, a buddy gave him these golden comet hens about nine months ago.

He had previously witnessed the hens lay roughly 2.7-ounce eggs with two yolks. However, he believes that something special may be inside the egg given its weight.

“This egg weighs four and is a 2.7. almost two times as big. Therefore, I believe it may contain three yolks,” Forte explains.

Forte is interested in entering his egg’s unique weight in the Guinness Book of World Records.

I’ll check the Guinness World Records website to learn the weight of a hen egg, which will help me determine whether I can fit it in.

Forte’s egg isn’t the biggest, which is unfortunate, but it’s still fantastic. The 16-ounce egg used to break the record in 1956, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

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