This baby was born with so much hair that it was visible on the x-ray taken of her while she was still with her mother.

A newborn from Sydney, Australia named Alexis Bartlett was born with a hairy head.

An ultrasound X-ray revealed that babies have hair just a few weeks after conception, despite the fact that it typically takes infants a year or two to acquire their hair accessories.

Little Alexis already has gorgeous shoulder-length hair six months after giving birth. When her parents first saw the ultrasound, they were concerned since she appeared to have hair on her forehead, back, and buttocks.

The mother of the young child claims that because she too was born with thick hair, the young girl resembles her. Ironically, the young mother works as a barber full-time. The baby with the thick hair caused mayhem on the beach and attracted throngs of admirers.

A gorgeous infant looks like this:

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