They were in church, getting married, when the groom interrupted everything and told the priest to stop.

The wedding is definitely one of the most important moments in a couple of life because all the energy of the two people is channeled toward them. So many surprises, good thoughts, positive vibes, and a future ahead to walk on together. Talking about surprises, all of us like them, especially in such moments like a wedding. The bride in this article was amazed to see what her husband prepared for her. Make sure you read until the end.

Liz is a music professor and you know, like all teachers, they have a good bond with the students. Because of her huge amount of patience, her students got so attached to her that they wanted to create something special for her special day, the wedding. She clearly didn’t expect her class to appear at her wedding, especially with such a beautiful surprise. So they came to her wedding, and prepared a little song for them. Ollie, her husband knew all about it and when the perfect moment came, he told the priest to stop and showed Lizzie what’s going to happen in the back of the church.

Her classroom started to sing and she couldn’t keep her tears. Liz was overwhelmed with joy and Ollie is there to encourage her, staying by her side. Such an emotional moment made everyone in the church turn around and watch the gift prepared by the special kids. The pure moment was captured on camera and posted online, where it became viral on many social platforms.

She will definitely remember that day, and her love for her little angels increased a lot. What do you think about their surprise? What a beautiful moment isn’t it? Let us know what you think about their nice deed and share the moment with your loved ones!

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