They put their healthy baby to bed, in the morning they found him paralyzed

Little bugs are by no means innocuous. Although ticks are a sort of bug that are hard to spot in the open, these little parasites can be very dangerous. Ticks are incredibly little arachnids, frequently ranging in length from 3 to 5 mm. They are related to mites and have been present for a very long period.

Ticks are an example of ectoparasites, which are also known as external parasites. In order to survive, they feed on the blood of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and occasionally people.

When Stephanie woke up one morning, she went to their toddler’s room and discovered a major issue. Her son Collin is always lively and excited about the day. By then, he ought to be playing in their yard or leaping around in his room. But she quickly realized that this was not a typical day.

Collin was just lying in bed and was looking up at her. She quickly dialed her husband Dillon’s number.

The news that their child had gone paralyzed over night was delivered to Dillon and Stephanie. They could not believe what had occurred. The parents decided to take their child to the emergency room rather than try to see their family doctor. When he accidently hit his head before his brother’s baseball game, they initially thought that he might have suffered a concussion.

However, according to doctors, he didn’t show any concussion-related symptoms. After the incident, he was still able to communicate reasonably effectively and was showing no symptoms.

After several tests, Collin’s condition rapidly deteriorated. Dillon was heartbroken to see his son struggle. He insisted that breathing was his only choice. Collin couldn’t move.

It was difficult for him to eat and drink. The doctors continued their testing because they were confident they could find the issue. They moved him to a bigger hospital when his oxygen levels started to drop.

Stephanie and Dillon were aware that time was of the essence and that Collin needed the greatest medical personnel and tools available to find the source of his issues. The doctors told Collin’s parents after he was moved that if they had come 30 minutes later, the little Collin would have gone into cardiac arrest and his small body would not have been able to resist it. This news shocked Collin’s parents.

After some time, the doctors eventually discovered the source of the issue to be a little tick behind Collin’s ear.

The poor guy has been gradually dying from this tick. Everyone, even his parents and the doctors, had missed it. As soon as the tick was removed, he was instantly returned to his previous state. according to the ER doctor.

Although tick bites are prevalent, paralysis is a fairly rare ailment caused by bug saliva. The medical expert explained how a neurotoxic is found in the tick’s salivary glands. This suggests that the tick was eating while the neurotoxin was entering Collin’s circulation, causing the paralysis.

Collin’s illness should serve as a lesson for parents to be watchful of their children’s health. Ensure that they are never infected with insects or other parasites, including ticks.

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