They had just gotten married and were looking at the wedding photos when the seven-month-pregnant woman discovered a detail that made her call for help

This is Emma and her husband’s life tale. After seeing the wedding photos, their lives have never been the same.

Justin Cotillard, Emma’s boyfriend of 33 years, was married. Large plans had been made for the newlyweds’ honeymoon. Unfortunately, their dreams will come true in a flash and their lives will change for good.

One morning Justin began cursing Emma and screamed at her, telling her to leave his house. Because Emma was seven months pregnant and emotionally fragile as a result, she responded angrily to her husband’s actions.

But this was only the beginning, and things quickly became worse.
He was unaware that I was expecting our first kid. He mistook me for a total stranger, Emma remarked.

Even though Justin was only 29 years old, the symptoms were severe. They made the difficult decision to postpone their honeymoon and hurried to the hospital.
After a comprehensive examination, it was determined that Justin had an extremely aggressive cancerous tumor on his brain. The doctors informed him that he only had a maximum of 2 years to live.
The young couple was shocked by the news, but they realized they had to be strong and work together to make it possible for Justin to meet his child.

Justin began therapy on the day Emma gave birth to their daughter, Mia, and was unable to be with his wife. However, the cancer was quickly spreading, and all of their ambitions were crumbling. “My husband was given two weeks at home by the doctors before he passed away.”

Justin passed away 12 days later, leaving his wife in mourning and a baby girl who will have to grow up without a father.
Everything happened very quickly, and there was nothing anyone could do to halt the tumor. Emma changed her mind after reflecting about the situation: “Looking at the wedding photos now, you can clearly see that the right side of his face is a little lower.”

Emma made the decision to share her experience in order to inspire others to seek medical attention right away if they experience even a little symptom that might be cancer.

From Emma’s tragedy, we can all draw the lesson that early tumor detection can prolong and even save lives.

To ensure that Emma’s message is heard by as many people as possible, kindly spread these articles. Every life matters, and perhaps someone needs to hear this story in order to save another life.

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