They had installed a VIDEO CAMERA in the child’s room to make sure she wouldn’t climb out of the crib

Laura Haigh and her life partner, Dean Evans, installed a video camera for their son, Sebastian, to make sure the little one did not climb and try to get out of the crib. The two just wanted to avoid an accident, but they discovered something completely unexpected.

Laura, a mother of four, says that one day while checking the monitor to see how her son was doing at night, she was horrified to see that next to him was what she called a “ghost child” next to their baby…

She also said that the figure that scared her seemed to be doing things in Sebastian’s room at their home in Plymouth, Devon.

When the mother noticed, she frightened her husband, Dean, 42 years old. He immediately went upstairs to the child, hoping to find a simple teddy bear next to him, but he found the little one sleeping alone – while the strange shape was still visible on the monitor, while he was in the room. -phantom ”has even changed its position!

Laura told Metro: “Dean said at first that he was just a teddy bear, but he was a little scared when there was nothing next to him and that shape still appeared on the monitor, he was a little scared even if he didn’t believe in such things. He usually tells me not to be silly when I talk to him about such things, but that still opened his mind.

That night he kept asking me if he was gone. Was scared. The next day I checked the camera and had no problem. Our friends think it’s weird bad. Whatever it was, it stayed there until 1:30 in the morning, then it disappeared when I went to feed it. But during the night he changed his position. “

Laura is not afraid, because she thinks that if what appeared in the room would have hurt the child, Sebastian would not have slept so peacefully and would have started to cry or be agitated. She added: “Sebastian is fine. I think he still sees whatever that being was, sometimes he looks in one direction and smiles in vain. Or he stares at a corner and points to something that is not there.

What’s even weirder is that Laura says that they had other “events” in the house: I find pictures turned upside down, or fallen from the wall, things that disappeared even though they were there a few minutes before, or she heard people calling his name!

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