Their baby was screaming every time they put him in the car – after the parents checked the car they finally found the reason

Their baby was screaming every time they put him in the car – after the parents checked the car they finally found the reason

It’s such a wonderful feeling to see babies grow in harmony and love, while we take great care of them and make sure they have everything they need for good growth. The little ones are very sensitive and that’s why parents must go the extra mile when it comes to their comfort. When buying a new bed or a child seat for the car many aspects need to be taken into consideration, like the material, position, and overall how comfortable it is. A pair of parents from the United Kingdom had a  rough time for almost 2 years after they discovered a small issue that made their little kid cry and be agitated every time they drove the car. The parents were speechless when they saw what it was all about.

The parents went through a real ordeal because the little child was getting extremely agitated as soon as they left the garage. The parents checked the car countless times to see what could influence the child’s behavior so much, but they found nothing. After 18 months, during which time the baby cried every time and the parents faced massive headaches, they finally found the cause.

They noticed on the child’s back that he had a wound that looked like an insect sting. in the middle of the back, situated on the spine. So the two checked the chair in which the child was sitting and found that something was wrong. A piece of plastic came out of the liner, rubbing against the child’s back. Finally, the dilemma was solved. They fixed the child seat and treated their child’s wound and they were so happy to see that it was peaceful during the long drives.

The parents ultimately changed the child seat with one that was more comfortable, for a bigger price. They also got a toy as it was a promotion available and the kid showed up a big smile because his back was resting fine and he could play with his new toy during the drives. What a strange experience, don’t you think? Wouldn’t you have thought to check the child’s seat earlier? After all, 18 months is too long. Let’s share this article and if you know someone having a similar story, with a kid that gets agitated while driving, make sure the child seat is checked first things first!

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