The Tragic Death Of Tina Turner

According to the Daily Mail, American singer, songwriter, and actor Tina Turner passed away on May 24 at the age of 83.According to the site, the legend passed away at her home in Switzerland following an unexplained illness.

Born Rock ‘n’ roll superstar Anna Mae Bullock dazzled audiences for more than 50 years and was truly a legend. She relocated to St. Louis, Missouri, where she engaged herself in the music scene after being born on November 26, 1939, according to Britannica. She met Ike Turner there, joined his band, the Kings of Rhythm, and, as a result of her alluring stage appearance, she changed her name and rose to the front-of-the-line position. According to the source, they started out on the road as the Ike and Tina Turner Revue. They got hitched in 1962. According to The Sun, Turner had two biological children of her own, Craig Raymond, whom she shared with Raymond Hill, and Ronald Renelle, whom she shared with Ike. Turner also adopted Ike’s two children, Ike Jr. and Michael. As per TMZ, Craig committed suicide in 2018.

From the outside, Turner appeared to be more successful and well-known than ever. Ike was aggressive toward his wife, nevertheless, as was later discovered. As The New York Times put it, “[t]hrough it all, he made her sing, even if blood was running down her throat.” He stole from her, physically assaulted her, and more. Turner’s life had a difficult beginning, but she eventually rose on her own. Here is that tale.

Despite her well-known reluctance to discuss the abuse she endured at the hands of Ike Turner, Tina Turner did open up about it in her 1986 autobiography “I, Tina.” According to The New York Times, this vulnerability changed how people perceived her, turning her “from popular singer to living legend.”

Turner finally escaped Ike in 1976, broke and physically damaged. But she made the biggest comeback imaginable. According to the site, she relocated to Europe and recorded the comeback album “Private Dancer” in 1984. Turner first met German Erwin Bach, who was 16 years her junior, in Europe. Despite their disparate ages, the two had unintentionally found their lifetime partners. According to Harper’s Bazaar, they got married in 2013 and started a family in Zurich, Switzerland. Since this joyful development, Turner has written two additional books, “My Love Story” and “Happiness Becomes You,” a how-to manual for improving one’s life. Additionally, she was the subject of the Broadway musical “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical” and the HBO documentary “Tina.”

Considering the scope of her life, Turner has received a lot of inspiring awards. She did, however, state in 2019 to The New York Times: “I don’t necessarily want to be a’strong’ person. I lived a miserable existence. I just carried on. You simply keep walking and wait for anything to happen.

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