The Surprising Reason One McDonald’s Uses Turquoise Arches

One of the most recognizable logos in the world must be McDonald’s brilliant yellow letter M. McDonald’s restaurants all over the world are decorated with it to the extent that “The Golden Arches” is now practically synonymous with McDonald’s.

There is one McDonald’s, nevertheless, that chooses to use a pale bluish-green color instead of the iconic yellow in their emblem. The only arches you will see in Sedona, Arizona, are turquoise ones!

Rest assured, there’s a humorous explanation for the hue shift. Situated in the heart of Arizona, Sedona is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, particularly its red rock mountainous terrain.

Owing to the aforementioned topography, Sedona has building regulations in place to ensure that no building overly encroaches on the surrounding natural beauty. In 1993, when the McDonald’s was constructed there, local authorities thought that a large, bright yellow M would do this.

They decided on a more calming, pastel blue instead of gold, claiming that the gold would clash with the neighboring red cliffs. Yes, you read correctly: the arches are blue because gold didn’t go with the (natural) aesthetic of the city. Although they might not know why, McDonald’s staff won’t tell you these things.

Whatever the cause, this McDonald’s stands out thanks to the color change. In fact, visitors to Sedona now consider these unusual, less-than-golden arches to be a must-see sight. The top 10 McDonald’s menu items ever are listed below, regardless of whether visitors are drawn in by the cuisine or the blue arches.

In every way besides the giant M, though, this McDonald’s is just like any other—full of guilty-pleasure burgers, Happy Meals, and addictive fries. Want to ban fries from your life? Consider moving to these countries that have banned McDonald’s.

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