The socket in the bedroom didn’t work anymore, so he decided to open it. What he found inside left him speechless!

An Australian man had an incident that he will certainly not forget too soon.

It seems that the man wanted to repair a plug himself, without specialized help, because he was in the bedroom and it was indispensable and he did not want to wait for an electrician to come and look at it.

There was a short circuit, the appliances connected to the outlet were not charging properly so he thought to unplug it to see what it had because the electrical installation was not old so it was intriguing.

When he removed the plug from the wall and saw what was in the hole behind her, he was shocked: a python had nested there! Although he managed to remove the snake with specialized help, the man did not want to live in that house and moved soon.

How would you react if something like this happened to you?

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