The snow was falling heavily, but the neighbors noticed that it never fell on the neighboring house.

When numerous residents of a small town in the Netherlands became aware that something truly strange was taking place at the residence of adjacent neighbors, they called the authorities. These individuals lived in close proximity to one another.

To be more specific, despite the fact that it was snowing heavily and the amount of snow that had accumulated continued to increase, not a single snowflake “stuck” on any portion of the roof of the house, which caused people to be perplexed as to what could have caused this phenomenon. This led to people being confused about what could have caused this phenomenon.

They had good reason to believe this, as the law enforcement officials who responded to the scene discovered a thriving business that was functioning within cannabis culture. This proved that their hypothesis was true. The level of warmth present in the location in which the plants were grown prevented the snow cover from becoming firm and settling. This allowed the plants to be grown successfully.

The melting snow in the Netherlands led to the discovery of a large number of cannabis growers, who were subsequently apprehended in a significant amount.

Because of the cold weather, drug lords in the Netherlands are facing an unexpected challenge in the form of a lack of snow on their rooftops. This lack of snow can reveal their location to law enforcement officials, which is a problem for them because they normally use it to hide.

Because of their participation in the unlawful activity, it is quite likely that the owner of the facility that was hosting the cannabis growing will serve a significant amount of time behind bars as a direct result of their involvement in the crime. In spite of the fact that the Netherlands is more lenient than other countries when it comes to the recreational use of marijuana, residents are only allowed to grow a maximum of five cannabis plants in their homes.

This is despite the fact that recreational marijuana use is not prohibited in the Netherlands.

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