The sea creature that looks like an alien was found onshore

The sea creature that looks like an alien was found onshore

We are so captivated by extraterrestrial life, infinite space, and the universe, but we forget one very important thing. The ocean floor hides so many things, and this space is right here on Earth. Do you know how explored the ocean is? Well, only 5% of the ocean has been explored, leaving 95% behind. If we think about it from another perspective, it is known that the ocean occupies 70% of the Earth’s surface. This means that 65% of the earth is unexplored. Who knows how many mysteries are down there, in the depths, how many strange beings, wrecks, or sea mountains?

We can take as an example this strange fish that was recently discovered. Researchers have found that it has its habitat in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. The barreleye (Macropinna microstoma) is really special for its strange shape, but also for its head, which is something unseen.

The head is transparent and the eye system can be clearly seen, along with other organs. Macropina microstomia is a fascinating fish, its eyes can move vertically and horizontally, and you can see in the picture that above the mouth there are two nostrils as well. The researchers carefully studied the specimen and concluded that the transparent forehead gives it a plus for hunting because it can cover a lot of visual fields.

How many similar beings does the ocean hide? How many monsters lurk in the depths of the ocean, in the extremely cold and inaccessible waters for humans? Let’s share this amazing piece of information!

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