The pregnancy progressed regularly until

Olesia, a young Russian woman, was overjoyed to find she was expecting.

The pregnancy went along well until an ultrasound revealed to the mother that her unborn child had abnormalities.

“His hands don’t develop, and all of his internal organs are swollen.” The parents found the news to be too much to bear, but they persisted. The doctor asked them with words that cut like a knife through their hearts, “Do you understand that this is a cross that you will have to bear for the rest of your life?”

a kid with a disability! You will be the target of blame! You’ll just work in medicine, and you’ll be hoping he passes away quickly.

The child’s father, Eugen, was sobbing while grasping the corner of the table so firmly that his fingers had become white.

However, they exercised power and proclaimed, “Our child shall be born!” After that, the doctor gave them a page and explained:

It’s your business.In order to prevent any further complaints, write a statement confirming that you are aware of the ultrasound results.

The mother’s worries about her son’s personality did not go away as the months leading up to the delivery passed.

Eugen, on the other hand, was making a concerted effort to ignore the doctor’s remarks in order to avoid upsetting his wife.

He turned the bedroom into a playroom for the kids as a result. The crib was constructed by him.

On a frigid December night, Olesia’s water broke. After bringing his wife to the hospital, Eugen brushed the snow off a bench, put on Olesia’s jacket, and sat down.

Three hours later, a loud scream could be heard throughout the delivery room. The narrator exclaims, “You have a young girl!” There was a warm ball placed on Olesia’s breast. The tiny hands were also finished.

The physician left the house and went outside into the yard. Eugen was present, he observed. “Sir, Sir! You have a daughter!” Congratulations! She also has excellent health. Eugen sat on his chair and fixed his gaze on the doctor. The word “healthy” kept echoing in her ears.

The subsequent scan confirmed Nadezhda’s excellent health. Meanwhile, a large uterine fibroid was found in Olesia.

They allegedly found a malformation during the ultrasound that was associated with this severe condition.

Olesia was then quickly operated on. Unfortunately, it was necessary to remove every female organ.

Olesia caressed her daughter’s hair as she slept, scared of what would transpire if the doctor succeeded in convincing her.

Here is a photo of Nadezhda, the young child:

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