The plastic Surgeon wanted his two little girls to be the prettiest, so he started changing their appearance at a young age.

Parents want the best for their kids. If you are a parent, then you know that its the best feeling to see them happy. In our eyes, as parents, they are the most beautiful, smartest, and strongest beings. But there’s always room for better, in some people’s vision. A plastic surgeon thought that something can be done in regard to his two daughters’ beauty, because as he believed in perfection.. so he thought that his daughters would be great for his idea.

The man and his wife adopted two little girls, at that time they were just 10 years old. They were so cute and got along together with the new family very well. But the father noticed that one of his daughters don’t like how her navel looks like so he thought about a fix. He operated her and she was very satisfied with the result! That was just the start of a very long story.

Michael Niccole is very interested in his daughter’s appearance, considering that so far he performed many, many beauty operations on Charm and Brittani Niccole. His medical clinic is located in California, US, and is a prestigious location with many clients that are very satisfied with the results. Until now, Brittani and Charm had a breast enlargement, modified her nose, botox injection, all being made by their adopting father. Their friends always encouraged them and told them about how beautiful they are, so they felt a boost in continuing with the surgeries. And they did!

They had to wait until they reached the age of 25 to have the breast enlargement operation made, and she was so happy when she received this operation as a gift from his father when finished high school. This turned into an addiction, an addiction to perfection in such a way that these surgeries became something normal.

Even if the father is encouraging them to make these operations, the mother is skeptical and told them that it’s not good to change everything you don’t like. Their dad stated that because they have been raised in an environment where beauty is essential, it’s normal to think this way.

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