The obese girlfriend was laughed at by all her friends but he stayed with her until the last day

The obese girlfriend was laughed at by all her friends but he stayed with her until the last day

Obesity is a very big problem in the world. This condition is generally caused by a sedentary lifestyle. The most worrying figures are in the United States, according to a study made by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) in 2019 almost 40% of adults and 19% of children aged 2 to 19 suffer from obesity, and the researchers stated that these are the highest rates so far. It is extremely difficult to live like this, considering that at one point you can no longer move and other people have to help you. The following story is about love, a couple that made a promise to each other and they were careful not to stray from the road. What the man did for his girlfriend is normal and honorable at the same time.

You know what it’s like with love in college, it happens without you realizing it, suddenly and without too many explanations. You just feel it. This is exactly what happened to these teenagers. Everything was beautiful for Holly and John, but at some point, she went to a routine medical check and according to her test results, she was suffering from a thyroid disease, which made her gain weight uncontrollably. Less than a year had passed and Holly gained almost another half of her initial weight, around 50 kilograms extra. Many of his friends told him to leave her, that he is much more beautiful than she is, and not worth wasting his time. But he did not conceive of how people could be so superficial as to care only about the physical look. Moreover, he promised her that he will always stay with her!

As time went on, Holly’s situation worsened and at one point her heart began to suffer severely. When she felt that, she made dinner for the two of them. Shortly afterward, she died and John found a letter left by her. She thanked him for all the devotion, loyalty, respect, and love he showed her and debugged some memories. Along with the letter, he received another $ 10,000 from her. Holly asked him to continue his life and life joyfully. It’s a shame that many people label depending on how we look, how we dress, or what car we drive. There are more important things than that, things like respect, sincerity, loyalty, and altruism. Share this beautiful love story!

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