The mother gave birth to a healthy baby boy, but when they saw her placenta, the doctors began to tremble

Kristen Terlizzi was pregnant and was about to become a mother, the pregnancy was normal and she was the happiest in the world.
Problems began to appear in the 28th week of pregnancy when Kristen was on a routine check-up at her doctor’s. Following the ultrasound, the doctor noticed something unusual, the pregnancy was starting to develop abnormally.
She was scheduled to have more detailed tests and ultrasounds to determine Kristen’s problem. After a series of tests, doctors were amazed when they did an ultrasound that between the placenta, bladder, and uterus, no difference is seen.

The doctors decided to carry the pregnancy to the end, but they continued to monitor the woman very carefully. When it came time to give birth, 30 doctors came into the operating room with her, all focused on one thing: to save the lives of Kristen and her baby.

The baby was born without problems, perfectly healthy, and the doctors gave it a grade of 10. After making sure that the baby was out of any danger, the doctors began to understand where the problem actually came from.

The woman’s condition was very serious, so the doctors decided to close the cesarean section and leave the placenta inside the woman.
The next few days were a nightmare for Kristen, who was going through terrible pain, her health deteriorating day by day. Due to her very poor health, the new mother did not even get to see her baby.

7 weeks have passed since the birth and the woman’s liver began to give way, so the doctors made a very risky decision: they tried a complicated operation to remove her placenta.
Everything had to go perfectly, every little mistake condemned Kristen to death!

After two hours, fortunately, the operation was successful and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Kristen was so happy that she survived that, after recovering, she chose to volunteer at the hospital where her life was saved.
Below you can see a video with the whole story of Kristen:

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