The man thought he saw a lamb on the road, only to find out that it was an extremely rare wild animal

The man thought he saw a lamb on the road, only to find out that it was an extremely rare wild animal

Imagine that you are behind the wheel of the car and suddenly you notice on the road an unusual animal – similar to a deer, but completely white.

You wouldn’t believe it, would you?

Well, the same thing happened with a California truck driver!

Earlier this month, he stepped on the brakes when he saw a white animal lying in the middle of the road.

She realized she was a deer as she approached her, except that her fur was completely white.

The man said he initially thought he was a lamb because of his snow-white fur, “Shasta Stratton-Quirk of the Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue Association in Loomis, California, told The Dodo.

Most deer lose their white spots as they age, but being an albino specimen, this is not the case with this fawn.

And, although it is not uncommon to see an albino deer among the usual, it is strange and extremely rare to find a fawn without being accompanied by its mother – the Association announced. They went on to say that this is the first white chicken that has ever come into their care.

At only 3 weeks old, the chick was extremely lucky not to be hit by a car while on the road. Thanks to his caregivers, the baby was named Spirit.

With a team of professionals helping wildlife at a standstill, Spirit is already showing signs of recovery to live a healthy life.

Diane Nicholas, the shelter’s president, rescues orphaned deer every year when they’re not prepared enough to survive on their own (depending heavily on their mothers if they’re young).

“Spirit is doing very well right now,” Stratton-Quirk added. “Eat and gain weight!”

For the next six months, their goal is to prepare the Spirit to be released back into the wilderness.

This involves developing certain skills, such as learning how to socialize with his smiles and also how to procure his own food.

It is a great joy to know that Spirit has been found safe and that he is doing well thanks to the California driver.

We hope that in the next six months, she will become stronger and able to return to the wild with her smiles!

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