The importance of grandparents in the lives of grandchildren. 5 reasons to keep them as close as possible to your little ones!

There is an old saying that “he who has no old people, should buy his own”. To be more precise, if you have grandparents, keep them close. Over the years, numerous research studies and statistics highlight the many benefits of having grandparents around. The positive impact that grandparent-grandchild relationships have contributes to the happiness and well-being of the whole family. Here are just five reasons why it makes sense to let grandparents help raise and educate your little ones:

1. Grandparents provide a sense of security.

In the most difficult times, having extra support goes a long way to help a child’s psyche. Studies have shown that close grandparent-grandchild relationships, especially during adolescence, can result in fewer behavioral and emotional problems for children. Grandparents, unlike parents, who don’t have as much free time, listen to their young ones’ problems more attentively. This makes it easier for children to open up and share their difficulties and problems with their grandparents.

2. Grandparents set an example for their grandchildren.

There are many cases where grandparents influence children’s beliefs and values. From the relationship, a grandparent has with their grandchild, or the rest of the family, the child can get an idea of what constitutes a healthy relationship. And the advice they receive from their grandparents will certainly influence their choices in life, their behavior toward others, and their way of being.

3. Grandparents have a wealth of experience and they share it with their grandchildren.

Because they have so many experiences and life stories, grandparents are an extremely valuable resource. They share with their children events from their own lives, often not so easy, so that they understand that life is not a game and that they know right from wrong. It is not uncommon for children to listen to their grandparents even when they do not listen to their parents or teachers. Children also better understand who they are and where they come from by connecting with their grandparents.

4. Grandparents are the best childcare option.

When both parents work, grandparents are often the ones who play an extremely important role in raising children. Having grandparents look after the children is far more beneficial in every way than having a nanny. A stranger brought into the lives of little ones will not have a good impact on them.

5. Grandparents are the best playmates for children

For little ones, having grandparents around means having the perfect companions to play and have fun with. Grandparents are some of the best partners when it comes to using children’s creativity and imagination. Grandparents are also influential in getting children to eat healthier meals.

No one can replace grandparents. They will remain in the hearts of grandchildren, even when they are gone. And when they are adults, everything they learned from their grandparents’ wisdom and kindness will be their example in life.

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