The huge health benefits of thyme.

Thyme is more than just an herb that we can use in the kitchen as a delicious ingredient. This spice has numerous benefits for our health.

Thyme is a medicinal herb that helps fight inflammation, acne, high blood pressure and even helps fight some cancers.

Below are some ways you can keep yourself healthier with thyme.

  1. Antibacterial
    According to a study, thyme oil – Thymus vulgaris – has been found to have strong activity against Staphylococcus, Enterococcus, Escherichia, and Pseudomonas bacteria.

In addition, thyme oil also fights antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which is very important given the current increase in their numbers.

Thyme’s antibacterial properties make it an excellent oral hygiene remedy.

Try mixing a drop of thyme oil with warm water and use the mixture as a mouthwash.

  1. Anti-inflammatory
    Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) is an enzyme that plays a key role in the body’s response to inflammation. A recent study found that thyme essential oil contains 75% COX-2.

The anti-inflammatory properties of thyme also help to combat various local pains. To prepare the remedy you need to mix some thyme oil with a normal massage oil and apply to the area where you feel pain. This remedy can be used to treat muscle aches, headaches and inflammation.

  1. Supports brain health
    Another study was done on some lab mice given a thyme supplement. The result was that the mice’s oxidant levels were at the same level as younger mice, thanks to thyme. In addition, the mice also recorded higher levels of Omega 3. As we all know, Omega 3 helps protect our cognitive function and mental health as we get older.
  2. Acne treatment
    Thyme tincture is extremely effective in destroying the bacteria that cause acne.
    To make thyme tincture, fill a half-liter bottle with thyme flowers, pour in alcohol/water/vodka or rye/fruit brandy +-40% alcohol until the bottle is full and leave the solution in the sun for 14 days. Strain and store in small, dark bottles away from light and heat.

Use for frequent morning and evening cleansing with a cleansing pad. Thyme tincture has a strong antibiotic and healing effect.

  1. Helps fight cancer
    Thyme extract helps destroy cancer cells in both breast and colon cancer patients. Thyme essential oil has been shown to kill up to 98% of breast cancer cells.
  2. Helps the respiratory system
    Thyme extract and ivy leaf extract considerably reduce coughing and other symptoms of acute bronchitis.

It is recommended to drink thyme tea when you cough or have a sore throat. You can also add two drops of thyme oil to a container of hot water and inhale the steam.

  1. Balances blood pressure
    Wild thyme, also called Tymus Serphyllum and Himalayan thyme, Thymus lineraris Benth, balances blood pressure and helps people suffering from hypertension.

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