The girl did not forget her father for a moment and always visited his grave.

The anguish that one feels upon permanently parting ways with a loved one is difficult to put into words, and this anguish is compounded when the person experiencing it is a youngster.

This is the situation that confronted Sierra, a young woman who was serving as a local police officer when her father was killed in a firefight. The young lady never stopped remembering her late father and made a point of paying her respects at his cemetery on a regular basis. She did this for a period of four years, leaving him flowers and messages at the cemetery where she expressed all of her emotions.

In 2013, Sierra’s father lost his life in a terrible accident while on the job. The officer was on patrol when he heard the screams of a woman inside this residence. He immediately hurried to investigate what was going on and to assist the victim. Unfortunately, he was struck by a large number of gunshots. Nevertheless, the wife and her children owe their lives to the fact that he perished before them. In the United States of America, the state of Indiana honored him as a hero after he had passed away.

His daughter graduated from high school four years later, and after the ceremony, she went to her father’s grave with her boyfriend to snap a picture there in commemoration of that day. The picture was placed on the grave to commemorate the day she graduated from high school.

The girl’s boyfriend felt it was a fantastic idea, so he told the girl’s mother, who is also a police officer, and the mother called her co-workers, and they decided to plan a major surprise for the girl. Sierra’s name is Sierra. Sierra suddenly burst into tears of emotion when they approached the grave and saw the entire police force at the grave of her father, and they all snapped a picture together in celebration of the moment that will live in indelible memory forever.

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