The doctors told them she was dead, but her sister came and made a MIRACULOUS GESTURE!

Miracles can affect anyone, we read about them in the news, we see extraordinary stories on TV, and they happen especially in the lives of those who expect less. In a world that is largely negative, positive stories are always a welcome change.

Hospitals are the places where most miracles take place. Patients who receive appalling news sometimes make huge and unexpected progress, or people with terminal illnesses begin to recover suddenly and seemingly for no reason. Sometimes there is no explanation, in this category is the story of the Smith family.

Poppy Smith, the youngest girl in the family, suffered brain injuries on her second birthday. The family had no hope that she would survive after the doctors evaluated her, but one day, her older sister made a simple loving gesture that triggered a small change that saved her life!

Poppy was born with many health problems, she was born prematurely and when she was discharged she weighed only 1.8 kilograms. At the same time, doctors diagnosed her with Moebius syndrome, a disease that affects the control of the facial muscles. It seemed that luck was not on the little girl’s side.

One day, on her birthday, her parents found her lying on the floor, no matter what she did to her, she didn’t wake up. After they brought her to the hospital, they were told that she was suffering from brain damage due to a lack of oxygen and that she might not survive.

One morning, while the whole family was visiting her, her older sister decided to kiss her sister on the belly. The reaction that came immediately after she made this gesture amazed both the doctors and the family members.

Poppy began to respond to stimuli, a day later she returned to normal body functions, and 8 weeks after the rescue kiss she is fully recovered!

Miracles do happen, and nothing is more important than expressing affection in a family! Did you hug your child, sister, brother, or parent today? If not, it’s time to do it!

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