The deaf groom did not know why the bride stopped abruptly and did not come to the altar

Weddings are special and happy occasions, but maybe even more special is to read about the wonderful gestures made out of pure love, during these events. What a bride, Elizabeth, did for her future husband left millions of people watching the video in tears.

Elizabeth and Scott were to get married on January 27, 2018, in Sydney, Australia. Everything had been perfect.

As the elegant bride entered the room with her son, she was preparing for that big moment, which was to be a huge and totally unexpected surprise for the groom.

Scott began to lose hearing at the age of five, and three days later he was deaf. As Elizabeth prepared to walk to the altar, a song began to run in the background. The couple had met 2 years ago, and the woman with two children was so in love that she had started learning sign language ever since.

Three months before the big day, Elizabeth learned to say the lyrics of the love song in sign language.

As soon as Scott realized what his bride was doing, she burst into tears.

Elizabeth said after the video below went viral: “I received messages from all over the world.

My favorites were from parents with children with disabilities, they told me that I gave them hope that one day their children will find true love. ”

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