The children were trying to tell them something through a secret sign

Some kids have more energy and ideas than others, but this is common.

For instance, I remember the day when I was around five and decided it would be a fantastic idea to color the bunk beds that belonged to my brother and I with a marker pen.

Though my parents weren’t quite as amused, I thought it was creative and wonderful.

These young people from Surrey, United Kingdom, had a much more pressing need to use their imaginations. The kids were participating in a charity Easter egg hunt to raise money for a boy with leukemia when they heard a helicopter.

They noticed it was a police helicopter as they raised their heads to look.

When the males broke up, the cops were pursuing two suspected burglars. The men’s movement could be seen by the children. and quickly moved to direct the policeman above.

The children got the wonderful idea to lie down and use their bodies to create a human arrow.

The police first had no idea what they were doing, but they soon recognized that the kids were directing them to the criminals.

Thanks to the kids’ ingenious idea, the guys, aged 27 and 28, were later detained on suspicion of burglary. Later, the police flew back to thank the kids for their tremendous assistance.

See the kids’ witty response in the video below:

Talk about bright youngsters! I doubt that I could have come up with such a brilliant notion as a child. If you concur that what these kids accomplished was fantastic, please share!

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