The appliance in your home that doubles your electricity bill. It consumes as much in a minute as others do in hours.

An appliance that most new homes already have can double your electricity bill. This can be avoided if we pay attention.

There are some mistakes that lead to inflated bills that people make without realizing. For example, appliances left plugged in, even when not in use, consume electricity, as do laptop chargers that are not in use.

One appliance that can double the bill is even the bathroom fan. Generally, older blocks have a bathroom window to help with ventilation, but for newer ones, developers usually opt for a fan.

Ventilation in the bathroom is essential, especially as steam can easily form here, even after a short shower. This makes a fan the best solution for those who don’t have windows. If it is left on, the electricity bill is likely to be higher than expected. It is recommended not to leave it on for more than 30 minutes, otherwise, it will generate a very high energy consumption.

A bathroom ventilation system is essential as it helps to expel moisture from the room.

Ideally, the fan should be placed above the bath, toilet or sink, where there is the most moisture.

Those who do not have a fan or window will over time have problems with mould, which can have negative effects on health.

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