The amazing benefits of silver

Silver is considered one of the most valuable precious metals.

Surgeons used to stitch wounds with silver thread because it had an antiseptic effect.

According to a study by researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, silver annihilates 650 types of pathogenic microbes, thanks to silver ions.

The metal is also used to make medical equipment to prevent hospital infections.

According to a Belgian scientist, silver bacteria fight viruses that cause colds, flu and intestinal infections. He put silver particles into the bacteria in probiotic yoghurt and sprayed them on his hands, stopping the viruses’ action.

If the silver blackens a little and leaves black marks on the skin, then it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a disease, but it’s a consequence of the silver oxidising and the skin having a high pH.

How much silver does our body need?

Our ancestors received a certain amount of silver through food. Modern agricultural technology has unfortunately destroyed about 85% of the soil’s silver reserves and this essential element for the body can no longer be found in the food we eat.

According to several studies conducted by American researchers, silver deficiency can lead to decreased immunity and is one of the main factors in the increase of malignant diseases in recent decades.

Fights flu and colds

Silver acts as a powerful microbial agent, preventing colds, flu, viruses and helps to treat superficial wounds and restore the skin.It also protects the skin from radiation emitted by mobile phones and various electronic devices, regulates body temperature and blood circulation.

Strengthens the immune system

During the cold season or when travelling, silver protects the body from bacteria.If you are allergic to jewellery made of various metals, silver jewellery will not have the same effect. The metal has electromagnetic properties and the silver ions have positive effects on the energy level in the body.

Acne, allergies, bladder infections, otitis, digestive disorders, prostate infections or hair loss are just some of the minor ailments that can be treated with colloidal silver water.

Silver is the best complementary remedy for chronic conditions such as hypertension, chronic hepatitis, sinusitis, gastritis, ulcers, psoriasis, and herpes. It is the simplest and most effective product against influenza, including swine flu and respiratory viruses.

It is also known that those who wash their face with silver water get a clean and beautiful complexion.

Wounds washed with silver water heal faster, do not get infected, and the scars left after healing are less visible. Silver water is also used to keep burned surfaces as aseptic as possible.

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