The 92-year-old man entered the bank but was immediately kicked out. When he entered the second time employees called the police.

Such an amazing feeling to grow old and see your family flourish beautifully, enjoying a soft drink on a comfortable armchair while watching your grandchildren play with the dogs in the backyard. Sounds like a really nice scenario, doesn’t it? Well, seniors are not always appreciated for their true value, given how much they have contributed over time, both to the formation of families and to society through hard work. This man for example was rejected when he visited the bank for a simple request. The bank staff simply turned their backs on him without any hesitation. He couldn’t resist and show his frustration to the people who displayed ignorant behavior.

Not long ago, the LAPD in Montebello received a few phone calls because of an old man who was a bit agitated and caused some problems, according to the person who called in that day. The police came over to investigate and they found a 92-years-old man who had a simple request. The senior just wanted to withdraw some cash but because his ID expired, the bank couldn’t proceed and help him with his request, due to policies. Robert Josett, the police officer that came at the bank to handle “the situation” in that day realized that the old man wasn’t a problem maker, but just someone who needed a helping hand. So he jumped in action.

Robert told the old man that they might have a plan B. They went to the DMV office that day and renewed the identification card in time, and after a few papers signed they returned to the bank with the identification card. Officer Josett made sure that the man arrives at the bank and has his request taken care of, so he waited for him to withdraw the amount he needed. Officer Josett’s partner took them a picture as they entered the bank together, with the old man holding Robert’s hand.

The picture of the two was posted online and it received thousands of reactions and positive comments. Such people need a round of applause and it’s such a good feeling to see kindness in the world. All of us can help someone at some point. Don’t think twice, just do it. Share this beautiful story and motivate other people to do acts of kindness to make this world a better place to live. Make a difference.

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