The 60-year-old woman had been trying to have a baby for the past 20 years

The 60-year-old Serbian woman who spent the last 20 years of her life attempting to conceive a child is the subject of this incredibly dramatic tale. However, when she was finally successful in having a kid, life dealt her a hard hand.

She had given up hope after 20 years of futile tries, but this was the time she fell pregnant with a girl. Little Alina was born a few months later after undergoing numerous fertilization procedures.

However, Atifa’s husband—Alina’s mother—left his wife soon after the baby was born. After changing his mind after hearing the newborn’s first scream in the delivery room, the man informed his wife that he was too old to put up with a sobbing infant. This is how the woman’s husband left her the day after giving birth.

Although it appears that both parents had health issues—the woman had high blood pressure and the father had diabetes and heart disease—the new mother is determined to raise the child by herself.

The woman spent the final three months of her pregnancy in the hospital since the pregnancy was deemed to be dangerous.

Alina’s father declines to give her legal recognition, hence the young child will not share her father’s last name.

Although Atifa has a meager pension and once worked at a textile mill, she candidly admits:

“No matter what, whether Serif stays or goes, I will do my best to raise Alina. I’ll just live for her. Although I am aware that it won’t be simple, I believe that many people will want to support me.

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