Someone took a picture of her while she was falling into the supermarket

Perhaps you seen the image of the woman falling at the supermarket. This incident took place in 2012. After the caption was added, the original image gained popularity and became a well-known meme.

Following her admission that she is the woman in the photo, Jennifer Knapp Wilkinson spoke about “Her 15 Minutes of FAME” as follows:

This is my fifteen minutes of fame. I’m sure you’ve seen the image. The worst part is that she leads others to believe that an obese woman falling out of a stroller is a result of that person being too sluggish to get out of the stroller and fetch the juice they desire.

I suffer from a very significant spinal condition in which one of the vertebrae has shifted. The disease’s body and leg weakness-related symptoms are the most prevalent. In addition, I am obese and have ongoing depression as a result of this. I joined a gym, but maintaining my weight is still difficult for me. I fight with my disease every day.

When I took the photo in 2012, my legs were in a lot of pain, so I pushed a stroller. My spouse drank juice in copious amounts, so I decided to buy some for him. To pick it up, I leaned over, but the stroller slipped. I stopped considering the situation since I had grown accustomed to people saying negative things about me.

My limitations are there and genuine even if you cannot see them. So keep in mind that you don’t know anything about those folks or the problems they deal with every day the next time you see photographs of people making fun of you. Never make someone laugh at you.

Although obesity is a problem that contributes to a number of other ailments, I do not urge anyone to accept this. However, I don’t beg for sympathy or urge others to feel sorry for me. I’m looking for empathy, cognizance, and respect for another person. Please treat me like a human because I am one.

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