SHOCK LOSS. With heavy hearts, we announce the passing

Lisa Murphy, a famous former model, died after a private battle with cancer. Her ex-boyfriend Gerald Kean paid a sad tribute to her.

The famous lawyer talked lovingly about his beloved Lisa, who he had been seeing for ten years. Lisa’s death at age 51 was confirmed today.

Lisa recently broke up with Michael Flatley. She had been sick for a while, but things got really bad for her before Christmas.

Lisa’s friends said she kept the news of her cancer battle a secret, but she dealt with it with “quiet determination.”

Gerald told the Irish Sun, “The news breaks my heart and leaves me devastated.”

“She was a lovely woman, and we had a lot of fun times together.” I had never met a woman like her before.

“My thoughts are with her family and friends.”

Lisa and Gerald were together from 2006 to 2016, and they were very popular in Dublin’s social scene.

Since the sad news of her death this morning, many people have written tributes to the former Dublin Wives star.

Rosanna Davison, who used to be Miss World, told the Irish Sun, “I’m really sad to hear of Lisa’s death.”

“I think everyone was shocked when they heard the news today.” I remember Lisa very well. Really, really, really nice, and really, really sweet, she was always that way.

Over the years, I’ve had some great talks and chats with her. There was some talk about having children before Sophia was born.

“Lisa was a truly kind and honest person.”

“I think a lot of people are shocked and saddened by her death. She changed a lot of people’s lives.” Today, all I can think about are her family and friends.

Model Holly Carpenter said, “I was shocked to read that Lisa Murphy had died.”

I always thought she was so nice, polite, and sweet whenever I met her. Lisa, please rest in peace. It makes her think of her family and friends today.

Pal Michael Mulcahy shared an old photo of the couple from his own wedding, where Lisa was the best man’s maid of honor.

“It was with great sadness that Jonathan Smith and I learned this morning of the very sad death of Lisa Murphy, our beautiful friend and Best Lady at our wedding in 2014.”

Lisa was a real, kind, and beautiful woman in every way. She had been sick for a while and was only 51 years old.

We got married on June 20, 2014, and Lisa and our great friend Gerald Kean were our Best Man and Best Lady. They have been best friends ever since.

“Take it easy, our sweetheart.”

It’s because…

It was revealed that the model had been sick with cancer before she died.
Friends said the model had been “quietly determined” in her fight against the illness.
Friends talked about how she won their hearts, including Michael Flatley’s.
A touching tribute to his ex-partner was shared by celebrity lawyer Gerald Kean.
Pals said Lisa had been very sick for a while because she was fighting cancer but was determined to keep quiet about it.

A friend said, “Even though she was famous and flashy, she was a very private person at heart, and she kept her illness to herself for the most part.”

“She had a hard time in the last few months, but she was very determined in a quiet way!”

“We’ll miss her very much.” Lisa had a lot of friends.

In May 2011, thieves with knives held Lisa hostage in Drayton Manor. They stole jewelry worth thousands of euros from Gerald’s home near Brittas Bay.

After the fact, she talked about what happened: “They asked, ‘Where’s the safe?’ and I said, ‘There is no safe.'” They held me down by the ground.

“Loop ties were used to hold my hands behind my back.” If I didn’t tell them where the jewelry was, they were going to stab me in the back with a knife.

In 2016, she talked about moving back in with her parents after her breakup with the lawyers.

Lisa laughed at the time and said, “Right now I’m back with my parents in Ballinteer.” I’m being spoiled rotten, which is great.

“It’s great to have them all to myself while they live their lives.”

“My family and I are very close, and I love them.” I’m only staying for a short time, but I’m glad to be there.

Lisa had been through a lot after her brother Paul died in a car accident in the 1990s. She talked about enjoying the little things in life. Lisa was engaged to Lord of the Dance star Flatley at one point.

“I’m actually very chill, and I like the easy things in life,” she said. Having fun with my family and friends has always been a favorite thing of mine.

“Losing a family member makes everything else seem smaller, and there is no word in the English language that can describe how I felt when I lost my special brother Paul.

As I already said, I’m getting back in touch with that part of myself and my love of simple things.

“I love being outside, riding my bike, the like.”

Lisa has also been with boxer Joe Egan before she started dating Flatley. Last year, Egan talked about how sad it made him that they broke up before she started dating Flatley.

Slugger from Ringsend Joe replied, “It doesn’t bother me now, but it did at the time.”

“Mike Tyson called me ‘the toughest white man on the planet,’ but a woman has broken my heart.”

“There was a lot of anger at the time, but the relationship wasn’t always bad.” At one point, there was a lot of love. I believed that we would always be together.

“But I no longer have a grudge against Michael or Lisa.”

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