She saw a moving garbage bag and immediately realized that there was something alive inside!

A woman named Melissa Sergeant Lewis had a totally unusual day, which changed her life.
One day she had left for work by car and was in a hurry because she was already late. While driving, he saw a black garbage bag in the middle of the road.

She wanted to get around it by car, but he noticed that the bag was moving. The woman was amazed.

Melissa immediately realized that there was something alive inside, so she stopped the car and went to see more closely what was in the bag.

Without hesitation or thinking about her safety, she opened the bag and to her great surprise, there was a puppy inside.

How can anyone be so sadistic as to abandon a puppy in a tied garbage bag? Not only did abandon him, but also took any chance at life by tying the garbage bag.

The puppy was very happy to see Melissa and immediately jumped into her arms. The woman did not go to work and went with the puppy to the vet. After consulting the vet, he said that the puppy is perfectly healthy.

Melissa immediately adopted the puppy and named it Hefty. The puppy is very happy and grateful that his life was saved.

Melissa deserves all our respect and appreciation for her gesture.

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