She ended up living on the street and searching the garbage to survive

Loni Willison, a former model and fitness teacher, was discovered searching through trash cans in Los Angeles, California. For some time, the ex-wife of Jeremy Jackson, the star of the “Baywatch” series, has been living on the streets.

Loni Willison was captured on camera searching the garbage and pushing a cart full of garments and blankets around the streets of Venice Beach. Jeremy Jackson’s ex-wife has a short haircut, is barefoot and dirty, and no longer resembles the blonde and slim diva of the past.

With the famous actor’s divorce in 2014, the former model and fitness instructor’s downfall began. She seemed to have become depressed as a result of the breakup and has been unable to recover. The woman had lost both her house and her work, and she was battling drug and alcohol addiction.

Loni Willison is said to have denied help from friends: “I didn’t say anything to Jeremy. I’m not interested in talking to my buddies; I’m fine. I’m not looking for assistance. I’m self-sufficient. I’ve got all I require right here. Nobody seems to care about me, and I’m not interested in seeing them. I don’t have a phone, but I do have food and a bed. I locate food in garbage cans and in the vicinity of stores. There’s a lot there, to be sure “In October of last year, she stated.

Loni Willison and Jeremy Jackson married in 2012, however, their union was short-lived.

Loni returned to the streets when an old acquaintance volunteered to help her and a rehab specialist offered her $ 90,000 in free therapy, but she was not seen again until October 2020. She was spotted in Santa Monica again this year. Likewise, scanning the veins while dressed in a few coats, a hat turned over, and a pair of slippers on the floor.

She told The Sun in an interview that she hasn’t spoken to her ex-husband since the divorce and that she doesn’t want to speak to anyone because no one cares about her.

“I didn’t say anything to Jeremy. I’m alright if I don’t chat to my buddies. I’m not looking for assistance. I am capable of living on my own. I’ve got everything I need right here. Nobody cares about me, and I don’t want to see them, nor do they want to see me “The Sun quoted Loni Willison.

Loni Willison divorced Jackson in 2014 and ended herself on the streets in 2018 after being evicted from her rent-controlled apartment, losing her job, and having no means of support. By the way, he suffered mental issues as well. She worked as a nurse at a Los Angeles cosmetic surgery center before being dismissed and becoming a real estate agent. He also lost his job since his boss refused to pay him his salary. Loni is hooked to methamphetamine, according to the Daily Mail.

After accusing her husband of strangling her, Loni ended their relationship. “I had a wonderful place to live. I ended my relationship with Jeremy at that point. I didn’t had any interaction with him. When I was first being tortured, I saw him in front of my flat. He was conversing on the phone when I noticed him, and then he vanished in the blink of an eye. He simply vanished “In an interview with the worldwide press, Loni stated.

Loni Willison claims that life on the streets is difficult for her and that she is frequently robbed.

“I’ve been robbed. I’m constantly robbed. People are stealing my belongings. You are surrounded on the street by people who will do anything to survive, and if they see something that will help them, they will steal it “, the former model remarked as well.

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