She could hardly wait to give birth, but when the TWINS came into the world, she was told that one was dying!

The entire time leading up to a lady giving birth should be filled with nothing but happiness for her.

Kerrie, a young woman from the United States, on the other hand, did not have as excellent luck in her life. Sadly, despite the fact that she gave birth to twins, one of her children was born with hydrocephalus, a condition that, in certain instances, can result in death. Currently, she is taking care of both of her children.

Within the first hour after the baby was delivered, the physicians advised her to prepare herself for the worst-case scenario and to say her goodbyes to the unfortunate child. They also cautioned her to take care of herself in the coming days. Before she did so, the new mother requested that the nurses place the second baby in the incubator that her healthy brother was using so that the two of them may spend as much time as possible together. This was done in order for the two of them to spend as much time together as possible.

After only a few minutes had passed, a really strange thing had already taken place. The infant not only achieved a full recovery but also significantly improved to the point where he was discharged from the hospital after only one week.

Even though the kid was born with problems, there is still a possibility that three years after his birth he will be able to live a normal life. This does not imply that he will recover completely, but there is a possibility that he will.

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