She Applies Vicks Vaporub On Her Feet Before Bed

For Headaches: Do you have a bothersome headache? Vicks contains menthol, which can reduce discomfort. Simply massage a little into your temples.

Treat Your Feet: Do you desire soft feet? Before going to bed, apply some Vicks, put on some old socks, and wash it off in the morning. Use a pumice stone to exfoliate and moisturize for incredibly soft heels.

Apply Vicks to your pets’ usual locations to prevent them from marking indoor surfaces. Both cats and dogs are kept away by its potent aroma.

Furniture Protection: Keep your furniture safe from your cat’s claws! Vicks should be applied to their preferred scratching posts.

Stretch marks can gradually fade with regular use of Vicks, which can also aid.

Apply Vicks every night, wear socks, and cut the offending nail in the morning to combat toenail fungus. Continue till it is gone.

Bruises Heal More Quickly: Use a little Vicks to lessen swelling and hasten the healing of bruises.

Temporary earache? | Earache No More? Consider putting a cotton ball covered in Vicks in your ear for a few hours. However, if it persists, see a doctor.

Clearer Skin: Use Vicks to treat acne by applying a little coating at night. With regular application, wash it off in the morning for cleaner skin.

Back and muscle pain relief is possible thanks to Vicks’ all-natural components. For pain relief, massage it into places like aching elbows.

Trim That Belly: Combine half a container of Vicks with one tablespoon each of alcohol, baking soda, and crushed camphor. Apply it to your stomach, cover with plastic before working out, and then rinse. Similar to certain commercial lotions, doing this two to three times each week can aid with toning.

Before using any new Vicks products, always perform a patch test to be sure your skin enjoys them as much as you do.

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