Severe bloating should not be ignored. What diseases are masked by this symptom

One in three people frequently experience severe bloating and most associate this symptom with certain foods.

Doctors point out that it is not always food that is the cause, but certain disorders of the digestive system. Here are some causes of excessive bloating:

Imbalance of intestinal flora. It is known that our intestines are populated with good bacteria, but also with bad bacteria, it is important that the latter do not overgrow. Bloating can be the consequence of an imbalance of intestinal flora.

“It can be caused by bacterial overpopulation, so with bacteria that produce gas in the intestines.

There is this balance between good bacteria and we can regulate it with probiotics and bad bacteria, and hence the contractility in the intestines which is not physiological,” said Dr. Paul Dragomir, gastroenterologist, for Pro Tv.

Functional disorders are cured by daily movement and proper meals. Two-thirds vegetable and one-third animal products per meal, for example.

Gastritis. Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach lining. This condition can be characterised by the appearance of areas of erosion, superficial epithelial irritation and deep and irreversible changes in the structure of the stomach.

It is manifested by bloating, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain. The diagnosis must be established by a doctor following an endoscopy. Colon cancer. Frequent bloating sometimes requires a colonoscopy to make sure it is not caused by a colon problem such as colorectal cancer.

“The only certainty in colon cancer is that we can detect it early. The best way to prevent the disease is this colonoscopy,” said Dr. Gabriel Mitulescu, surgeon.

Intestinal obstruction. If your abdomen is swollen and you don’t have a bowel movement for more than 3 days, see your doctor urgently.

Intestinal obstruction is usually accompanied by pain. Before them, bloating may occur. Bloating and weight changes.

Another situation that requires the opinion of a specialist is the canthal test. Bloating means only air, no extra grams. Weight changes, on the other hand, may indicate the presence of fluid in the abdomen, a symptom of cirrhosis.

Bloating – causes:

Pre-menstrual tension

In women, bloating generally occurs before the menstrual cycle. Symptoms of bloating are: swelling of the body, hardening of the hands and feet. It is important to bear in mind that hormones play an important role in balancing the fluid levels in the body.

Eating habits

If you want to get rid of bloating, you should first of all change your eating habits. For a start, stop eating in a hurry. Otherwise, the pressure in your stomach increases, causing increased gas production, which obviously results in bloating.


If you’re a milk drinker, there’s one important thing to remember. Lactose intolerance in milk leads to abdominal bloating. The role of lactose is to dissolve the sugar in milk. Thus, 200 ml of undigested milk produces 0.03 cubic centimetres of gas in your stomach. The amount seems tiny but, compared to the size of your stomach, it is significant.


If you find it impossible to get rid of bloating, you probably consume too many wheat products every day. The gluten present in wheat and bread causes burning sensations in the stomach and leads to excess gas.

Other causes:

To get rid of bloating you should reduce the use of antibiotics, sweets and salt intake. Antibiotics are known to cause excessive bloating of the stomach. They destroy the harmless bacteria normally present in the digestive tract that help digest food.

Some medicines can cause bloating. Birth control pills also cause bloating. Sweet and high-fat foods are one of the main causes of stomach upset. Try to reduce their consumption. Watch your salt intake too.

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