Sad news regarding the adored actor “Crocodile Dundee”

Paul Hogan asserts that his illness has rendered him so weak that he is unable to open jars.
The 83-year-old actor best known for his part in “Crocodile Dundee” continued by expressing his desire to live out the remainder of his days in his native Australia, where he was born, and his belief that he has enjoyed a “fortunate life.”
The discoveries were made by Paul, a resident of Los Angeles, on the television program “A Current Affair,” where he also appeared to address the affects of having a pacemaker recently inserted and described how he feels as though his body is now “kept together by string.”

With regard to the need for his son Chance, 24, to help him with daily tasks, the father of six continued, “(I’ve) gotten better.I just… All of my body fat has been removed, my muscles have all shrunk, and my strength has returned because it had made me weak. The therapy fixed the problem with my kidney’s aorta, but it made me smaller. I ask Chance to help me open jars.
Retroperitoneal fibrosis, a benign tumor that is pressing on Paul’s kidney and has encircled his abdominal aorta, is the cause of his ailment.

He continued by claiming that although he was not where he was supposed to be, he was not allowed to voice any complaints. He said he wanted to go back to Australia.

There have been so many benefits in my life. In a perfect world, I’d prefer to be back in Sydney since I miss the rest of my family who still resides there. However, I shouldn’t complain because I’ve had a lot of nice things happen to me despite the fact that I didn’t do anything to deserve them.

Twice-married In 1958, Paul wed Noelene Edwards, and the two eventually had five children together.
They separated in 1981 and went their separate ways until getting back together and remarrying in 1982.
Their second divorce, which started in 1986, was regarded as one of Australia’s most acrimonious celebrity splits.

Following that, Paul married Linda Kozlowski, 64, a fellow cast member from “Crocodile Dundee,” in 1990; the pair has a son named Chance.
Linda filed for divorce in October 2013 on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, and the divorce was granted the following year, in 2014.

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