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“All-new episodes return with some of the oddest, oldest, and rarest artifacts we’ve ever seen,” the “Pawn Stars” Instagram account claimed in 2021. And for a program that has been running since 2009, it’s a difficult task.

Within a year of its debut, “Pawn Stars” had reportedly become “the most-watched program on ad-supported cable,” according to Reuters. History recorded its highest viewership figures ever as a result of the program. It comes as no surprise however that the network has been reluctant to put a stop to its ratings-dominating program despite the countless issues and scandals that have dogged it.

When you’re photographing a 24-hour pawnshop in Las Vegas, Nevada, some degree of conflict and humiliation will unavoidably come into play. Then there are the flamboyant Richard “Old Man” Harrison, Rick Harrison, Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, and Corey’s lifelong friend Austin “Chumlee” Russell, who work at the Gold & Silver Pawn shop. “Pawn Stars” was always certain to provide the drama, both on and off-camera, given the cast, the nature of the business, and the decidedly colorful assortment of customers they deal with on a daily basis. The level of drama, however, goes far beyond all expectations. We’re breaking down the massive controversies that rocked Pawn Stars, so get the popcorn ready.

The “Pawn Stars” cast has had plenty of run-ins with the law. They were the subject of a legal dispute once more in 2014, this time for allegedly melting down a collection of stolen ancient coins. According to ABC News, David Walters claimed his niece Jennifer Beckman stole his expensive coin collection in 2013 and then sold it to the Gold & Silver Pawn business in a criminal complaint submitted to the Clark County Justice Court.

Walters asserted that the haul Beckman brought to Gold & Silver “netted a total of $12,375,” but the irate uncle asserted that the true value of his collection was more in the neighborhood of $50,000. When Walters noticed the missing coins, he promptly alerted the police, but the coins “were already gone” by the time the police got in touch with Gold & Silver Pawn.

A business representative told Fox News, “To the best of my knowledge, the coins may have been melted down as they are unidentifiable.” Perhaps they were sold. They may be waiting to be evaluated in buckets with coins. Afterwards, the spokesman disputed Walters’ $50k valuation assertion. She then emphasized that none of the “Pawn Stars” cast members had committed any wrongdoing or unlawful activity, saying “These coins were worth significantly less than the gentleman felt they were worth.”

Pawnbrokers deal with a wide range of people, including those who are short on money, desperate, opportunistic, and regular Joes just trying to find a good deal. In an interview with NPR, Rick Harrison revealed his client “deals and thefts” after encountering them all over the years.

Harrison revealed that when a major boxing event is on, the store is busiest. He remarked, “I don’t know what it is with fight fans. They consistently wager more money than they can afford to lose. Harrison then acknowledged that he frequently serves a particular segment of his clientele—pimpers—as an informal bail bondsman. He said, “They always have someone bring their jewelry down to me after they get caught. I’ll lend them half of what they paid for it; that will serve as their bond.

The second generation pawnbroker may appreciate the pimp life, but it doesn’t mean he has a liberal outlook on all facets of society. In actuality, far from it. Harrison’s transphobia surfaced during a CNN interview in which he discussed his affection for Marco Rubio. According to some cities, a male who feels like a woman is allowed to enter the women’s restroom, he added. “I can assure you that some very terrible males who wish to enter a toilet with young women will take advantage of that. If you enact a law similar to that, that will take place.

2014 saw Corey Harrison perform for the appropriately called Spectators Bar on a night out in Jefferson City that was presumably fuelled by alcohol. RadarOnline reports that Corey and a few of his motorcycle riding companions chose to stop in the state’s capital while they were on a sponsored motorcycle trip. Before going out, Harrison supposedly partied hard for seven nights in a row. “Corey had been traveling with us the entire week and had been inebriated every evening. But on this specific night, he was obviously inebriated, according to a witness. “It was clear from the moment we went into the bar that things would not go well. He was so rude and inebriated that you could just tell a bad scenario was about to break out.

Harrison downed “copious amounts of shots” before exposing himself and urinating in front of the crowd, perhaps being inspired by Missouri’s moniker of “Show Me State.” The source told Radar, “He got his trousers down, peeing on a bar stool, and was extremely pleased of it,” adding that a staff member had to clean up after him with a towel. Yet the show had not yet ended. Harrison “picked up a barstool and threw it” after posing for fan photos with his pants down, which led to him being kicked out of the venue.

Later, Corey expressed regret for the intoxicated mishap. Obviously not my best moment, he admitted to E! News. “I genuinely regret my actions and apologize to everyone. I sincerely apologize.

The “Pawn Stars” cast has amassed wealth during its 19 seasons. History estimates that Rick Harrison is worth $8 million. Austin “Chumlee” Russell and Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison have amassed a combined $5 million. Given the success of the show, it is not unexpected that the network has also done well. According to a 2014 report by Celebrity Net Worth, History earns a hefty $3 million every episode.

Nevertheless, in the world of reality television, trickle-down economics do not exist. According to The New York Daily News, production businesses in the entertainment industry were charged with “wage theft,” and those responsible for “Pawn Stars” were singled out as offenders. The site states scriptwriters and producers “lose $30,000 a year in unpaid salaries by working without breaks and overtime compensation,” according to a 2013 poll by The Writers Guild of America East. The amount of missed revenue is astonishing, totaling $40 million when you include the additional staff members operating behind the scenes. Producer David Van Taylor told the NY Daily News, “I’ve known folks to work upwards of 100 hours in a given week when shooting.” “That additional work is not being paid for.”

The WGAE claims that the writers and producers of “Pawn Stars” “receive a minimum of just $2,136 a week.”

For scripted series, however, the same positions “pull down $6,712.” According to Variety, the unhappy workers of “Pawn Stars” creators Leftfield Entertainment decided to join a union in 2015 in the hopes that the WGAE’s authority to collectively bargain would lead to more equitable pay and working conditions.

Olivia Black, a cast member of “Pawn Stars,” had no idea that she would gain fame when she responded to a Craigslist advertisement for an overnight pawnshop worker. In her “Pawn Stars” debut video, Black admitted, “I hadn’t really grasped exactly what I had applied for.” So when I learned what was going on, I was somewhat taken by surprise.

Her time on “Pawn Stars” was cut short after 13 episodes, ending her reality TV career. She explained in a Reddit AMA that when the National Enquirer published a piece about her that included links to her SuicideGirls pictures on December 15, 2012, “two days later I received a call from the Pawn Stars producers informing me that my skills were no longer required on the show.” Black was allowed to continue working at the shop but was not allowed to be photographed.

She did leave the position though after a few months. Black told Fox411 that it was “quite obvious” that her time at the studio had come to an end, and that she intended to sue Leftfield Pictures. Black’s representative said, “Her termination was unpleasant and hurried, and I believe the public needs more explanations. She had no animosity for the pawnbroker personnel, who had openly supported her despite the uproar. She told RadarOnline, “It’s incredibly reassuring knowing that the guys at the pawnshop are on my side, supportive of me, and honestly could care less what I chose to do in my personal life.

Austin “Chumlee” Russell is undoubtedly one of the “Pawn Stars” cast members who is the most corrupt. He was seen on tape fighting with a man in Hollywood before fleeing the scene, according to TMZ’s 2012 report. Chumlee maintained he acted in “self-defense” because the man “threatened to draw a pistol” on him and his friends despite the fact that the victim was left wounded and beaten by the side of the road. “Instinct simply took control. He told TMZ, “[The man] didn’t even realize I was on TV or anything. “I only wanted to make trouble while riding in our automobile.”

But, the scandal Chumlee became involved in four years later could not be excused. According to the Chicago Tribune, Russell was detained in 2016 after being taken into custody “on suspicion of 20 offenses.” Police raided Russell’s home as part of their investigation into allegations of sexual assault against him, and this led to the arrest. The allegations of sexual assault were finally dropped, but Chumlee had to deal with a fresh legal ordeal as a result of what was discovered during the raid.

Police reportedly seized “a massive laundry list of narcotics” including cannabis, meth, and Xanax, according to TMZ. They also found 12 weapons, eight of which were unregistered, and traces of cocaine. Chumlee ultimately entered a plea to avoid going to jail. Russell admitted “guilty to a felony weapons charge, unauthorized possession of a firearm, and to a gross misdemeanor of attempted narcotics possession,” according to USA Today.

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