Sad news about Jamie Foxx

Last month, the star of the impending Back in Action movie experienced a medical crisis.

Fans are still concerned about Jamie Foxx’s condition even though he recently broke his silence for the first time since being admitted to the hospital, saying on Instagram that he was “feeling blessed” in the midst of the outpouring of love from both fans and celebs.

Since experiencing a medical issue while filming Back in Action, his new movie starring Cameron Diaz, in Atlanta, Georgia, the actor has yet to make a meaningful comeback to the public eye.

His “medical complication” was first made public on April 13; since then, little is known about what went wrong, and he is allegedly still hospitalized. Despite Foxx family assurances that he is fine and that his recuperation is proceeding, little is known about what exactly transpired.

The actor’s daughter, Corinne Foxx, revealed on Instagram on behalf of the family that her father had been admitted to the hospital on April 13.

The family released the following statement: “We wanted to convey that yesterday [Tuesday], my father, Jamie Foxx, encountered a medical problem. Fortunately, thanks to prompt intervention and excellent treatment, he is now making progress toward recovery.

“We know how beloved he is, and we appreciate your prayers,” they continued. The family requests discretion at this time.

What information regarding Jamie Foxx’s health has his family released?

The Foxx family hasn’t said much about what happened, Jamie’s condition, or the specifics of his recovery, except from updates on how the celebrity is doing.

He stayed in a Georgian hospital for a week after the event, where he is apparently still healing. At the time, CNN reported that he was still being monitored at the hospital and that tests were being done to figure out what had caused the health emergency.

Will Jamie Foxx resume his career?

The production of Back to Action, which persuaded Cameron to come out of a nearly 10-year retirement, would continue after news of his medical issue broke. Instead, pictures from the set showed the actress working alongside a body double for her co-star, five days after Jamie was admitted to the hospital, even though he hasn’t yet returned to the set.

FOX confirmed on May 3 that Jamie will also have a temporary replacement on his program Beat Shazam. Although he will be missing the upcoming sixth season of the well-known game show, where his daughter Corinne also serves as DJ, he is a co-host on the program.

The program will premiere on May 23 and is shot in Ireland. Nick Cannon will take over as host in Jamie’s place, as the network said in a statement: “This season, not wanting game show fans to miss a minute of fun, Nick Cannon has offered to fill in as guest host for his friends, Jamie and Corinne Foxx.”

Corinne will also be skipping the current season; Kelly Osbourne will take Corinne’s spot as DJ.

Has Jamie Foxx made any comments concerning his health?

Following the announcement of his absence from Beat Shazam, Jamie’s first communication with his followers came in the form of an Instagram post.

On May 3, he posted to Instagram, saying: “Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed,” accompanied by the emojis for praying hands, a red heart, and a fox.

He also thanked Nick for filling in as Beat Shazam’s temporary host in a another post, writing: “Appreciate ya my boy @nickcannon. Soon, everyone.

What have admirers of Jamie Foxx said?

As a way to show their support for the adored actor, the star’s followers have gone to social media. Many have posted messages like, “Hope he heals soon since he’s a master at anything he does,” “Let’s all hope and pray he pulls through and gets better soon,” and “Praying for Jamie Foxx. He is a legendary figure.

See more images of Jame, his daughters, and other people by scrolling down.

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