Priscilla Presley And Riley Keough’s Battle Over Lisa Marie’s Estate Is Finally Over. This Is The Decision

The legal issue over Lisa Marie Presley’s estate has been resolved between Riley Keough, Lisa’s daughter, and Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie’s mother (and Elvis’ ex-wife).

The singer and Elvis Presley’s lone child tragically passed away from a heart attack on January 12, 2023. Sadly, after Lisa Marie’s premature death, the Presley family went through a lot of conflict. On January 26, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Priscilla had filed a request to overturn a 2016 modification to Lisa Marie’s final will and testament that had handed Riley and her late brother Benjamin Keough power over the estate.

In addition to other discrepancies, Lisa Marie’s signature on the document, which looked to be unnotarized, was supposedly challenged by Elvis’ ex-wife Priscilla. On May 16, the grandmother and granddaughter came to a settlement deal for an undisclosed amount following months of legal disputes. The vocalist of “Lights Out” is currently in the process of being chosen to serve as the trustee.

The only trustee of Lisa Marie Presley’s estate will be Riley Keough.

The dispute surrounding the singer Lisa Marie Presley’s business troubles has progressed in one more way. According to legal paperwork obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Riley Keough officially took over as the sole trustee of her mother’s estate on June 12 along with the “sub-trusts” of Lisa Marie’s other two kids, twins Harper and Finley Lockwood.

The “Daisy Jones and the Six” actress’s lawyer noted in the document that she will not be paid a “trustee fee” by the estate, as Priscilla Presley allegedly would have.

Priscilla will still play a small part in the settlement as the trustee of the sub-trust for Lisa Marie’s half-brother, Navarone Garibaldi, which will be funded by a “one-time” payment from Lisa Marie’s trust.

The legal hiccup was behind them, according to Priscilla, who said to Entertainment Tonight that “the Presley family is stronger than ever” after her “request for document interpretation” on Lisa Marie’s trust was satisfied.

She said in her statement, “I want to make it clear that no lawsuit has ever been filed against my lovely granddaughter, despite the fact that certain media outlets mischaracterized such a plea as a lawsuit. We are pleased that as a family, we were able to find a solution. I sincerely hope that everyone will allow my family and I the time and space we need to privately mourn Lisa Marie.

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