Pregnant, she went for a routine ultrasound. When she started looking at the screen, the doctor’s face changed.

Unlike the relatively usual birth of identical or fraternal twins, having four, six, or seven babies at the same time is a thrill and a medical miracle. Oksana Kobeletskaya, 37, already had a daughter when she gave birth to a pair of quintuplets — three boys and two girls – in June of 2016. It wasn’t even through IVF!

This high-profile case drew a lot of attention. The family was given a 5-room apartment and a MUV by the local government. Oksana, her husband Sergey Semenov, and all six of their children became overnight celebrities in Ukraine and around the world.

Even when pregnant, the young mother considered starting a blog. Of course, with the family adjusting to the new phase, there was no time for it, but it was this late-night interest that ultimately saved the woman from depression.

Sergey’s patience, which appeared to be that of a great father and spouse, lasted less than a year. He left Oksana with nothing in six months: the new apartment’s repairs were not completed (she and the children resided in a country cottage), and social benefits and Oksana’s mother’s pension were barely enough to get by.

After a few weeks, it was revealed that he was too weary during the day to even get out of bed at night.

It’s difficult for me to admit, but Sergey Semenov, the father of my children, and I have legally separated.

Strangers rallied around the mother of six: various businesses gave assistance, and loving individuals collected funds.

Oksana writes about her upbringing experiences and concerns on her blog, such as what to do when multiple children are sick at the same time, how to ensure their physical growth, and whether or not to see a psychologist. Sergey is barely mentioned.

The fact that he took the documents (which we didn’t discover at first), keys, photos, and the computer was the one thing that bothered me the most. This exemplifies my materialistic nature.

As a mother of six, her “recipe for survival” was reduced to five simple rules:

Follow the same routine every day.

Maintain your composure.

Distribute your efforts and delegate responsibilities.

Changing the scenery every now and then is a good idea.

Give yourself a break.

The quintuplets had to follow the rules from the start. Starting in the hospital, where everything was on a schedule, I simply tried to stick to it.

Oksana’s spouse simply vanished from her life, making no attempt to contact or assist his children financially. His failure to pay alimony was due to a disability, according to recent evidence. Fortunately, Oksana’s blog provides some revenue.

When confronted with a crisis, I gather my wits. I concentrate on what I can do right now. Then, by some miracle, things become less hopeless, or support appears from unexpected places.

According to several posts, this family’s life has returned to normal. Oksana has nothing bad to say about her ex-husband.

Each of us has been in a position that initially seems hopeless. Oksana dealt with a dire scenario that would have broken most individuals. Wouldn’t you think that this is a good example to follow?

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